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You’ll soon know exactly how much your Uber will cost



When booking a ride, Uber’s fare estimate is a useful tool that tells you how much you’re going to pay within a few bucks of the final total.

However, for sticklers who want to know exactly how much they’re going to be paying there is good news, UberX rides will now tell you up front and guarantee that fare.

This will ensure you won’t be charged a greater fee if the driver gets lost or stuck in traffic, which are two of the biggest reasons for higher than estimated fares.

The guarantee (via Recode) will also be applicable when surge pricing is in effect, meaning less chance of you being caught out with an unsightly fares.

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The change is coming into effect in regular UberX rides in Miami, San Diego, Philadelphia, Seattle, New Jersey and New York as well as five Indian cities.

No news yet on whether Uber plans to roll out the change around the world.

UberPool rides have always guaranteed fares.

Greg Lee

June 27, 2016, 1:31 pm

Well, passengers shouldn't have to pay more if the driver gets lost. But if s/he gets stuck in traffic your fare should be higher, unless you want to get out and walk. Taxis in larger cities do charge a per minute rate when the vehicle is crawling in bumper to bumper traffic. Its not uncommon. Why shouldn't the driver be compensated for that time? He's taking you where you want to go.

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