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You can turn your MacBook Pro’s Touch Bar into Kitt from Knight Rider

Luke Johnson



The new MacBook Pro’s innovative Touch Bar is cool, but not exactly essential. At least it hasn’t been until now anyway.

Instead of using it for the easier video editing, text-predicting, emoji-pushing uses Apple has created, one genius dev has transformed the Touch Bar into something you’re really going to want to play with - a working version of Kitt from Knight Rider.

OK, so it’s not exactly a multipurpose mod. Instead, it makes your Touch Bar look like the Kitt 2000 Pontiac Trans Am’s display, with a red scale of light that will bounce back and forth across the OLED panel.

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It won't cost you anything though. Giving all new MacBook Pro owners a lovely early Christmas present, developer Anthony Da Mota has uploaded the KnightTouchBar 2000 mod to GitHub, with users able to download it, completely for free.

If that wasn’t enough, it plays the show’s iconic theme tune while it’s at it.

Now if only Da Mota could get the Knight Rider mod to work in unison with Siri - just with a more robotic voice - we’d be on to a right winner.

Instantly adapting to whatever application you have open, Apple’s MacBook Pro Touch Bar is a touch-friendly control panel that has replaced the traditional, physical function keys.

Playing host to a Touch ID enhanced power button on the side, it can be used to show you everything from image previews to Mail shortcuts and your bookmarked Safari tabs for easier access.

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Is the Touch Bar are gimmick or the latest tech essential? Share your thoughts in the comments.


November 28, 2016, 6:00 am

Is it me or are the articles on here suddenly quite pointless and mostly adds? I miss the old Trusted Reviews!


November 29, 2016, 4:10 pm

Completely agree with you
I remember when this used to be an informative and really great website, which I'd always check prior to deciding on a tech purchase.
Of late, it has become intolerably clickbait-y and full of a load of nonsensical pseudo-news. I also despise their "reviews in progress". Just don't write it until you've formed a final opinion!

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