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Yo, B*tch! Breaking Bad’s Aaron Paul has a new messaging app



Breaking Bad star Aaron Paul has turned his Jesse Pinkman character’s most famous utterance into a new iPhone app.

The free Yo, B*tch app (which has been shortened to YB) allows users to send messages to their friends in Paul’s voice.

Naturally it features a variety of utterances followed by the word b*tch. There’s “Bonjour B*tch,” “Buenos Dias, B*tch,” “Booyah, B*tch” and, well you get the idea.

The app, which is an expletive-laden homage to the "Yo" app launched earlier this year, features a selection for free messages while other packs can be purchased in app.

YB won’t just let you fire off expletives to all of your friends, they’ll have to be using the app too, which is free to download, but requires registration. Once you’re teamed up with your friends, you can tap the contact’s name, choose your greeting and then hit send.

Naturally, it’s not the most useful app in the world, but we’d fancy a few Breaking Bad fans will be tossing out the b*tches left, right and centre on this quiet Friday evening.

Enjoy, b*tch!

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Tim Sutton

December 6, 2014, 11:34 pm

(Breaking Bad is great, getting that in first.)

Aaron Paul is such a bell end. I would sell my house if he moved in next door, and use the money to put up a billboard in front of his living room window saying "You are the worlds luckiest talentless twat, for the love of GOD please don't breed."

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