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Xbox One will work with Xbox 360 gaming headsets

Michael Sawh


Xbox One controller
Keep hold of those 360 headsets...

Microsoft confirms Xbox 360 gaming headsets will be compatible with the Xbox One but you'll need to buy a separate adapter to make it work.

Microsoft Lead Planner for Xbox One Albert Penello revealed via Twitter that current-gen headsets would be supported for Microsoft’s next generation console.

While this is sure to be a source of good news for prospective Xbox One owners, the bad news is that the adapter required to make the 360 headsets work won't be bundled in with the console.

Answering Xbox One queries about support for Xbox 360 gaming headsets on the social networking site Penello tweeted, "Yes. We will have an adapter that allows current gaming headsets to work."

Back in June Microsoft said it was working on an adapter to make current-generation and third party peripherals work with the Xbox One.

After reports that the Xbox One would not ship with a headset for Xbox LIVE action, Penello also confirmed that Microsoft is “looking into” including headsets with the Xbox One.

Microsoft is offering an official Xbox One headset that it is calling “a must-have for fans of online gaming”, specially “designed for long gaming sessions and clear voice chat.”

Sony confirmed at San Diego Comic Con that the PS4 would support PS3 headsets adding that its next gen console would ship with a new mono earbud headset.


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John Smith

August 1, 2013, 3:46 am

so why not make an adapter so we can play all our purchased xbla titles...u built 2 processors 2 run multiple systems for the xbox one...why not include one to play all our titles we have spent our hard earned money on over the last several years?

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