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Xbox One specs are “meaningless”, games are more important says exec

Sam Loveridge


Xbox One Wireless Controller
Xbox One Wireless Controller

The Xbox One specs sheet is “meaningless” in comparison to the games released for the platform says one Microsoft exec.

Microsoft’s Product Management and Planning boss for Xbox One, Albert Penello, believes games should be the focus for Xbox One critics rather than the specs sheet.

“The problem is that Sony decided to go out and publish a bunch of numbers, which are in some ways meaningless. Because this isn’t like 1990, when it was 16-bit versus 32-bit”, said Penello.

Sony published the PS4 specs sheet in full, including the dimensions of their next-generation console. Microsoft has yet to publish an official specs sheet in full for the Xbox One, but from what we know so far the two boxes are based on the same core tech hardware.

“As a matter of fact, [Sony] actually go out and they talk about how proud they are about their off-the-shelf parts. Our guys will say, we touched every single component in the box and everything there is tweaked for optimum performance.”

Both the Xbox One and PS4 use an AMD 8-core Jaguar CPU and GPUs comparable to Radeon HD 7000-series, although of course Sony and Microsoft have customised those parts for their next-gen consoles.

However, Penello believes that focusing on the power of the two consoles is detracting from the games that make those boxes stand out.

“For me, I’d rather not even have the conversation, because it’s not going to matter. The box is going to be awesome. The games are going to be awesome. I heard this exact same argument last generation and it’s a pointless argument, because people are debating things which they don’t know about.”

The Xbox One will be home to 15 game exclusives, including Halo 5, Dead Rising 3, Forza Motorsport 5, TitanFall and Ryse.

PS4 exclusive titles incorporate games like Killzone: Shadowfall, Infamous: Second Sun and Knack.

“Here’s what you care about. You bought a system to play great game and have great experiences. I feel like our games and experiences are going to be every bit as good, if not better, technically – on top of all the magic we’re going to add with the instant switching, and the power of the cloud.”

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July 1, 2013, 2:03 pm

It's hard not to feel cynical about this and say, "well he would say specs are meaningless, because the XB1 has lower specs than the PS4 - he'd have a different story if the XB1 had the better specs".

But he's right, we don't really know how the games will turn out just by reading the specs lists (some of which are based on rumor, even at this point). Looking at the next-gen games of E3, the XB1 line-up looked technically just as good as the PS4 line-up, and right now that's good enough for me.

I like big numbers (except for price tags) as much as anyone, but I'll wait for the real reviews and gameplay videos at the time of release instead of waving a bunch of provisional numbers around like so many ineffectual epeens.

Kulti Vator

July 1, 2013, 4:20 pm

Well said that man.


July 17, 2013, 9:17 pm

I think games in general is a bad yard stick.

Exclusive games are where the magic has historically happened for Sony consoles, and multi-platform games are the star of the 360 console.

I just hope Killzone can impress enough to keep me believing this for next gen.

Infamous as well.

Although i do admit the one xbone game I am interested in is titanfall, but because I pretty much despise COd I bet when the game releases thats all it will turn out to be. (Plus i'm getting too old for this multiplayer nonsense, there is always someone with less life, more time, and better ways to cheat, you can keep them, lol.)

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