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Xbox One release date and price confirmed, will land this November for £429

Luke Johnson


Microsoft Xbox One Controller
The Xbox One release date and price are official

Microsoft has narrowed down the launch period for its next-generation gamer, confirming that an Xbox One release date will be held in November with the a £429 price tag.

Having officially announced the Xbox One at a designated launch event last month, Microsoft today confirmed the Xbox One release date and price, stating the console will land in 21 markets globally this November. An Xbox One UK price has been set at £429.

Revealing that the eagerly awaited console will cost $499 (£320) in the US and 499 Euros (£424) on the continent, the Xbox One UK price of £429 set by Microsoft might grate on some who would rather not pay £100 more than US based gamers. The newly official price falls someway in the middle of the multiple rumoured console price tags which ranged from £250 to £600.

While £429 seems like a moderately reasonable Xbox One price, it is currently unclear how the Xbox 360 follow-on will stand up next to its closest rival, with a PS4 price expected to be confirmed in the early hours of tomorrow morning.

Making the Xbox One release date and price announcement, Microsoft’s Don Mattrick stated: “This is an exciting day for our teams.”

With Xbox One pre-order having kicked off a couple of weeks ago, Microsoft has revealed those looking to snap-up the next-gen console can secure their edition of the first batch releases from today.

Although a November Xbox One release date has been confirmed, Microsoft has failed to offer a more precise launch period. Again, a PS4 release date announcement is expected in the coming hours.

Xbox One Features

Introducing next-gen gaming with a bang, the Xbox One is a powerhouse of a device with an eight-core processor set to feature alongside 8GB of RAM and a 500GB HDD.

More than just a games console, the Xbox One is being touted as an all-round entertainment device, with the integrated Blu-ray player and range of TV functionality perks helping cement this point.

Set to hit retailers ahead of the Christmas period with a revised controller in tow, the Xbox One will ship boxed with a new, second-generation Kinect peripheral. Boasting a 1080p Full HD camera with a wide-angle lens and multiple integrated speakers, the revised Kinect offering is set to add a range of motion and voice based controls and gameplay options to the Xbox One.

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Tim Sutton

June 10, 2013, 7:23 pm

It seems rather high to me for what's inside it. The integrated Kinnect must be expensive.

The PS3 did release at $100 more, but then really struggled until price cuts.

The gamer reaction on various forums has been RAMPANTLY anti to the price point.

And Pachter was entirely wrong about the release price, by the way. What were the odds.


June 10, 2013, 9:38 pm

So Pachter was wrong again, then? What a surprise. Why do sites keep quoting that buffoon?

If the dollar price was converted directly to pounds, we're being overcharged by more than £100, right? I guess Amazon were overly cautious and Zavvi were overly optimistic.

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