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Xbox One price listed as £600 by Amazon UK

Luke Johnson


Microsoft Xbox One
Would a £500 Xbox One price tag put you off splashing the cash?

An Xbox One price has been listed by leading online outlet Amazon, with the retail giant suggesting the next-gen console will cost £599.99 in the UK.

With the German arm of the retailer yesterday listing the upcoming console and PS4 rival alongside a 599 Euro price tag, a fee that converts to £512 in British coin, Amazon UK has now got in on the act, suggesting Microsoft's next-gen gamer will cost a penny shy of the £600 mark.

Far from the first time an Xbox One price has leaked, last week online outlet Zavvi claimed the 360 follow-on would cost £399, with the former high street chain also pointing towards a November 30 Xbox One release date in the UK.

Officially unveiled last week, the Xbox One has yet to be handed a formal price tag, with manufacturer Microsoft set to confirm further console details ahead of E3 2013 on June 10.

Allowing gamers to secure their next-gen console, the Amazon UK Xbox One pre-order listing suggests the device could be a bit of a bank breaker. While a £600 Xbox One price will be sure to deter many, Amazon has suggested that if the price changes and is lowered, early buyers will be refunded the difference. Although a precise Xbox One release date is still to be confirmed, Microsoft revealed during the console’s unveiling that it would launch “later this year.”

Xbox One Features

Prepped as a true home entertainment powerhouse, the Xbox One is far more than a mere games console, with Microsoft bestowing the device with all manner of multimedia credentials.

Powered by an eight-core processor and 8GB of RAM, the Xbox One specs sheet sees a 500GB HDD and integrated Blu-ray player also thrown into the mix.

Set to come boxed with a second-generation Kinect peripheral, the Xbox One will allow gamers to turn on the console simple by saying “Xbox on.” Pairing a 1080p Full HD wide-angle camera with an inbuilt microphone array, the revised Kinect is to allow for all manner of voice and motion based input options.

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May 28, 2013, 1:11 pm


Octo Seven

May 28, 2013, 4:29 pm

What a waste of money. Anyone who buys this glorified TV Box is insane.


May 29, 2013, 8:03 am

Lets be clear - that price is entirely Amazon's invention, and they've gone high so that they don't get screwed on the 'Pre-order price promise' (ie that a customer pays the lowest price the product hits during the pre-order phase). All this tells you is that Amazon is confident that the price will be *less* than £500, which is something anyone could have guessed at. If it cost more, then Amazon would be losing out, as it would have a duty to fulfil all those orders placed at this price point.
So really this isn't a story about XBox ONe pricing at all. It's just a story about how Amazon manages pricing with pre-orders, ie: going in high and then dropping the price as it receives more information from the manufacturer.

Jack Randall

May 30, 2013, 7:37 am

Or a genius..

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