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Xbox One price cut to £349 by retailers, same as PS4

Sam Loveridge


Xbox One Titanfall Bundle
Xbox One Titanfall Bundle

Several retailers have slashed the Xbox One price to just £349, matching the PS4’s original RRP.

Both Amazon and Asda have reduced the Xbox One price to £349, a considerable £80 drop from the original asking price of £429.

But that’s not all. The aforementioned retailer hasn’t sliced the price of the standard Xbox One package, it’s the Titanfall Xbox One bundle that you can now pick up for £349.99.

This means you can get the Xbox One and the platform’s critically acclaimed online-only FPS for the same price as the PS4.

Currently, the standalone PS4 console is £349.99, but if you want a game with it, bundles start at £389.99.

Back in February, Microsoft announced the first official Xbox One UK price cut, in line with the launch of the Titanfall bundle.

Microsoft made the official Xbox One price £399.99, £30 cheaper than the original cost. The Titanfall bundle was also released with the same price tag, meaning you got the game free with a new console.

At the time, Xbox UK Marketing Director stated the official price cut was “not driven necessarily by our sales performance”, despite the PS4 clearly outselling the Microsoft alternative.

We haven’t been given any official Xbox One sales figures since January, when Microsoft announced sales had topped 3 million since launch.

Sony revealed at the beginning of March that the PS4 sales had reached the 6 million unit milestone.

Hopefully, this new pricing point from select retailers should boost Xbox One sales to match that of the PS4 eventually.

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April 11, 2014, 11:45 am

This is more like it now the competition is really heating up.

It should be mentioned that the Xbox One doesn't get it's "worldwide" launch until September and is currently only available in 13 country's compared to the PS4 which is Available in 50 country's.

Alex Walsh

April 11, 2014, 3:03 pm

Don't forget this obviously includes kinect- the PS4 equivalent is an extra to buy.


April 13, 2014, 10:59 pm

Price wars!! excellent, wonder if Sony replies with a PS4 price cut

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