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Xbox One performs better without Kinect, confirms Microsoft

Sam Loveridge


Xbox One Kinect
Xbox One Kinect

Microsoft has admitted the Xbox One performs better without the Kinect motion gaming peripheral.

Apparently the upcoming Kinect-free Xbox One will get a 10 per cent GPU performance boost over the original model that comes pre-packaged with the gaming accessory.

Microsoft has now confirmed that this GPU performance boost is directly related to the removal of Kinect.

“Yes, the additional resources allow access to up to 10 per cent additional GPU performance,” said Microsoft in a statement to Eurogamer. “We’re committed to giving developers new tools and flexibility to make their Xbox One gamers even better by giving them the option to use the GPU reserve in whatever way is best for them and their games.”

Sometime this month, Microsoft will release a new SDK that lets developers access this additional graphical power originally reserved for the Kinect.

“The team is continually calibrating the system to determine how we can give developers more capabilities. With this SDK, we will include new options for how developers can use the system reserve as well as more flexibility in our natural user interface reserve (voice and gesture).”

Hopefully, by unlocking the additional 10 per cent GPU, more games on the Xbox One could reach the 1080p 60fps benchmarks.

“Xbox One games look beautiful and have rich gameplay and platform features. How developers choose to access the extra GPU performance for their games will be up to them. We have started working with a number of developers on how they can best take advantage of these changes. We will have more to share in the future.”

The Xbox One June update started rolling out this week, bringing hugely anticipated features like external hard drive support to the console.

Microsoft has also removed the Xbox Live Gold paywall for entertainment services including Netflix.

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Kulti Vator

June 5, 2014, 11:23 pm

Let's hope they can toggle the Kinect on/off through software control - as the early adopters that have a Kinect wont want to unplug it every time they play a game that needs the extra 10% of GPU grunt.

Noel Grundy

June 5, 2014, 11:49 pm

And the final nail in the coffin of the Kinect.... Disappointing Microsoft. I hope you have some shit hot exclusives coming at E3.


June 6, 2014, 5:07 am

Yuk another bad article...I really need M$ to write a rebuttals to all this misleading mess out here.
All that is going on is the system had reserves in place that the developers didn't have access too. Those reserves did a few things. Some of which are apps, UI, Kinect, etc. the developers new SDK kit give them access to play with the reserve.

It really changes NOTHING on any game or any system out now or that will release whether or not a Kinect is used.

Matt Geeson

June 6, 2014, 9:48 am

You don't have to unplug the kinect. They are just making the 10% that was reserved for it available to the developer, so they can use it if they wish.

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