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Xbox One Kinect ‘feels like an unnecessary add-on’ says former Microsoft head

Luke Johnson


Xbox One Kinect
Would the Xbox One be better without Kinect?

The Xbox One Kinect “feels like an unnecessary add-on”, Peter Molyneux, the former Creative Director for Microsoft’s European Studios has suggested.

Speaking out on the recently launched Xbox One console and its motion-tracking peripheral, the well-known and oft outspoken British game designer has gone as far as labelling the Kinect camera “a joke.”

Slammed the need for the add-on, Molyneux stated Kinect “feels like an unnecessary add-on to me,” predicting that Microsoft could soon be forced to launch an Xbox One without the a bundled Kinect camera.

Speaking with Edge he stated: “Maybe it's because we're in England, and it doesn't really use the TV stuff, but it feels more and more like a joke. My son and I sit there saying random things at it, and it doesn't work.”

He added: "They could cost-reduce it [by removing Kinect]. I'm sure they're going to release an Xbox One without Kinect. It would be unthinkable that they wouldn't."

Despite global Xbox One sales continuing to fall behind those of the rival PS4, a trend blamed in part on the increased cost of the Microsoft console due to the bundled Kinect, Microsoft’s Head of Xbox, Phil Spencer, has claimed a Kinect-free console is not being called for by consumers.

Branding the peripheral “an absolutely integral part of the experience,” Spencer stated: “we’re always trying to match what consumers are asking for.”

He added: “I always want to make sure that we're in tune with what current or potential customers are asking for from us. Right now, [dropping Kinect is] not the number one request from people.

“Usually it's, 'Where are the great games?' There are a number of games on the ID@Xbox programme that use Kinect, and you'll see more games in the fall."

Molyneux’s comments come just days ahead of Friday’s Kinect Sports Rivals UK release date, with the sporting game one of the first designed solely with Kinect in mind.

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April 8, 2014, 1:40 pm

'Phil Spencer, has claimed a Kinect-free console is not being called for by consumers.'

WTF! Phil, try reading the comment section of any xboner article and you will find many people asking for a kinect free xboner


April 8, 2014, 4:08 pm

Wasn't Molyneux spearheading the Kinect movement back in the day of X360 Kinect launch singing all kinds of praises for the peripheral and all the groundbreaking possibilities that it facilitated? Wasn't he that was presenting the Milo project as means to showcase the revolutionary interaction Kinect allowed for? How do times change and how much do I despise people who go back on their words based on shifting interests!


April 9, 2014, 2:42 am

Yeah but ps4 camera is sold separatley so your still paying $400 for a ps4 and another $60 for the camera. so $460 altogether so even if they sold it with the ps4 its near enough the same price as xbox one and still the same price if you buy it later but thats if you want it for the ps4 so the thing is how many ps4 camera"s have sold since november 2013 work that out. just did it in dollars as could not be fucked to work out the uk prices i live in uk by the way.


April 11, 2014, 11:49 am

I think you will find Phil is wise enough to know that most of those comments are by Sony fanboys trying to spread negativity in support of a different multi corporation

Not that it matters now as the price from today is cheaper than the PS4 and that's including Kinect and Titanfall.

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