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Xbox One features see CD and DLNA support one up the PS4

Luke Johnson



Microsoft has gained an advantage over its next-gen console rival, confirming the Xbox One features list will see audio CD and DLNA support included.

With Sony having announced earlier this week that the PS4 will not be able to play audio CDs or offer DLNA connectivity and transfer options, Microsoft has been keen to gain some lost ground on its next-gen challenger, revealing that both features will be available on the Xbox One.

Calling into question the PS4’s credentials as a living room multimedia provider, Sony representatives speaking in a blog-based Q&A this week dropped a number of bombshells, with a lack of MP3 playback support and no compatibility with external hard drives also missing from the PS3 follow-on.

Although the Xbox One had a rocky introduction life, with consumer uproar greeting Microsoft’s original plans to charge for second-hand or borrowed games, the Kinect packing console is now gaining lost ground, coming to the fore as the more multimedia friendly next-gen offering.

In a statement to Penny Arcade, Microsoft reportedly confirmed that the Xbox One will act as a Play To receiver, allowing gamers to stream content to the console using any Windows powered Play To supported devices, including laptops, tablets and smartphones.

Causing something of a consumer backlash, Sony has been inundated with angered would be PS4 owners following its revelation of the console’s lack of MP3, audio CD, hard drive and DLNA support.

One disgruntled pre-order customer took to Sony’s comments sections to state: “You must be reading these comments and you must have expected this kind of backlash to the omission of basic features. I’m on Reddit right now and there are people seriously considering opting for the Xbox just so they can listen to their god damn music. Let alone the streaming of content from a media server. It’s madness.”

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Chris M

November 2, 2013, 12:30 pm

Jeezy creezy guys, are you being paid to shill for Microsoft? That's two articles on this now with only slight variation and the same quote about reddit and orders being cancelled being used in both.

Sony have slipped up here but there's one very large difference between their omission and the XBone's main issues - Microsoft have skimped on hardware, Sony have skimped on software. Which is easier to correct further down the road?

Fact remains that as a gaming console the PS4 will carry a large advantage for the entire generation in terms of raw power. This is already being reflected in the launch titles and will be exacerbated over time as developers get better at extracting all the performance from both machines. Sony need to address the lack of media centre facilities in their console, but they have already put out a statement saying they were re-examining their plans and a simple software update in a couple of months time could address many of the criticisms.

It's okay to have personal preferences but on a site called trusted reviews it's somewhat tiresome to have a constant barrage of pro-Microsoft and pro-Xbox posts.


November 2, 2013, 5:48 pm

Not at all. When Microsoft announced DRM etc we covered it:




At the moment it seems that the tables have turned a little and it's Sony that is defending itself and, to be honest, some of the omissions are galling to plenty of users who will want use their console as a media centre.

We report on it all.

Charlie Moritz

November 3, 2013, 5:05 am

I don't care about playing CDs on my PS4, I have a phone and a computer to do that for me. I care about GAMES which is what this damn thing is for. I also don't give a crap about sports channels so Xbox would basically be a big waste of space...

Charlie Moritz

November 3, 2013, 5:10 am

Yeah but its the way you talk about it. Whenever you talk about Microsoft you talk like: they have made a weird decision but we think it'll be for the best in the end.

When Sony says they won't let you play CDs on a gaming console (probably to promote their music unlimited service) you act like it's a stab in the back to gamers and Sony are going to lose the next generation over every little thing:

"Causing something of a consumer backlash, Sony has been inundated with angered would be PS4 owners following its revelation of the console’s lack of MP3, audio CD, hard drive and DLNA support."

Nobody cares TR, and everyone can see you're getting some little extras from Microsoft for always fighting for them


November 3, 2013, 9:53 am

Really? What extras would those be, exactly? What actual evidence do you have of 'extras'. Nothing, obviously, but it's oh so easy just to imply so to back up your non-sensical conspiracy theories.

I've been a tech journalist for seven years and frankly I get quite bored of people accusing me (and colleagues) of kickbacks, bias and corruption simply because we dare to write something they don't agree with.

Since I wrote about the PS4 DLNA issue, I'll repeat what I said in that comment thread. Nowhere, nowhere did I say Sony would lose because because of the lack of DLNA, merely that it's lost some of the momentum it had post-E3 for various reasons. I should add that I wrote it before the CoD 720p on Xbox story broke, and I plan to write a follow-up next week.

But, just because YOU don't care about these issues, that doesn't mean it doesn't matter. As the comments on the news articles and forums everywhere show, there are plenty of people that do care about these issues. Is it a game changer? Probably not, as I wrote in my piece, but it's not true to say "nobody cares".


November 3, 2013, 10:54 am

Andy, there is little point trying to have a sensible debate with "fanboys" (I hate that term, but can't think of an alternative). I do not understand why people get so angry and wound up over one console vs another and read every article that is against "their choice" in a such a blinded and blinkered way! I am not sure if it is funny or just sad. Weird what the Internet turns people in to.


November 3, 2013, 1:12 pm

You play CD's on your phone? lol


November 3, 2013, 1:57 pm

+1 for Microsoft...the game is on !!!


November 3, 2013, 4:47 pm

and how will you play your OWN music while playing a game? oh yeah.. you cant.

did you forget that? haven't you used your brain enough to understand this is not just about "I will use the console as a mp3 player" its also about things like playing your music while playing a game... is that so hard to understand? or you just like ALL the music that comes with the game?

oh yeah people like you make perfect sense /s

lol please... next time I advice you to try to think more than what you already have shown you do. because its NOT only about CDs

its about mp3 format, about dlna support (so you cant use a media server like with ps3) and external hard drives NOT being supported.
again without that, Try to have installed a lot of videogames in your ps4 and play without worrying about space, no you cant, you will have to uninstall games even if you don't want to if you want to play a videogame you just bought but didn't have space.
you cant play your own music while playing a videogame, because it doesn't support mp3 nor dlna to make the job.
so tell me how that doesn't apply to games as well? oh yeah, you just want to talk about the CDs (that not many care) but you don't talk about other features that has to do with games?
oh yeah your "xbox is a big waste of space" sounds your smartest part of your comment /s
and show you are just a ps fanboy who cant use the brain enough to realize other features affect gaming as well, and ps3 supported all this... but of course less features the better? /s

I guess "ps3 media server" got that name because it was pretty and not because a lot of people liked using the dlna feature ni the ps3 :)


November 5, 2013, 11:10 am

Dear all,
As one of the angered PS4 would be owners, I do feel that the PS4 is more of a down-grade of the PS3, lacking DLNA, MP3 support (that could be fixed by an update, but who really knows?), only 4 DS4 controllers instead of the 7 of PS3, the light of the controller not able to be put out (nice refelction on your TV/screen). However, a big deal is also the lack of external HDD support. Ok, lot's of you will say you can extend the internal HDD. OK, but for the sake of argumetn it's getting full and you want to replace it. You need a back-up, right? Where to and how do you upload your data and so? External is no option? Cloud? That would be a massive space you'd need (free of charge?). These thinks worry me...
On a final note, for those die hard fans, i admit the game qualtiy would probably improve, that is for the exclusieves. Ported games however are determined by the weakest chain in programing, so the benefit of a super device is irrelevant in my opinion. And i hear you, COD native 1080p on PS4 against upscaled 720p to 1080p on Xbox1. Would you really see the difference???? Really????

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