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Xbox One causing TV troubles in UK


Xbox TV

Microsoft may have scored a win with the Xbox One by beating the PS4 to market in this country, but the console appears to be clashing with a major UK and European TV standard.

Users in this country have reported experiencing technical troubles when watching TV footage through the Xbox One. The console allows you to feed an external TV box from the likes of Sky and BT through it, but there's a problem.

As reported by CVG and HDTVtest, feeding your TV signal through the Xbox One in this way can cause a juddering picture on TV sets. This is down to the UK broadcast standard differing from its US equivalent.

While the Xbox One defaults to a 60hz refresh rate, in keeping with its American origins, UK TV signals output at 50hz. This means that any UK or European TV signal pushed through the Xbox One will cause some frames to be skipped via the frame rate conversion (FRC) process.

The result is a picture that’s viewable, but with the odd dose of juddering.

There is a workaround solution, but it’s hardly elegant. There’s no in-built control to force your Xbox One to operate at 50hz, so you have to trick it to do so.

Go to the Xbox One display settings menu and make the console auto-detect your HDMI connection. Now change the 1080p resolution to 720p. When it asks you if the screen is displaying correctly, click 'No.' The signal should revert to 1080p, but this time with a 50hz refresh rate.

Hopefully Microsoft will come up with a quick way to set this option permanently in a future update.

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November 26, 2013, 10:30 am

If you change the XO to 50hz does this mean that any 60fps games will get a judder effect instead?


November 26, 2013, 12:45 pm

I've put my YouView through my Xbox One and haven't noticed any issues?! The picture quality isn't quite as sharp as direct into my TV, but aside from that the only time I've noticed any juddering was when I snapped TV with Forza 5.


November 26, 2013, 1:41 pm

It's not a shock there are issues with the Xbox one and TV viewing outside of the states, but I'd that thought they'd cover the basics such as this. At least it's an annoyance rather than being broken - the xbox live issue is far worse imo.

Still best to wait a bit before buying, until the two consoles have had a while to bed in and sort out all the niggling issues - and big ones too.

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