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Xbox 720 CPU detailed in new leak

Sam Loveridge


Xbox "Durango" CPU leak
Xbox "Durango" CPU leak

The CPU featured by the reportedly upcoming Xbox 720 console, code named Xbox Durango, has been leaked in an article by the fairly reliable hardware rumours site VGLeaks.

According to the raft of technical data released in the VGLeaks article, the Xbox 720 next-gen console could feature two modules of four x64 cores each running a single 1.6GHz thread.

To put this into perspective, this is half the clock rate of the current Xbox 360 cores. However, the Xbox 720 will be built for a more “out-of-order execution” style, making the processing speeds more efficient and operate with reduced stalls.

“The Durango CPU brings a host of modern micro-architectural performance features to console development,” the article reads. “With Durango, a familiar instruction set architecture and high performance silicon mean developers can focus effort on content and features, not micro-optimisation. The trend towards more parallel power continues in this hardware; so, an effective strategy for multi-core computing is more important than ever.”

Xbox 720 Rumours

Microsoft has been very tight lipped as to even the existence of a next-gen Xbox console, let alone what features and specs the Xbox 720 could have. Like its rival the PS4, we should see an Xbox 720 release date sometime around Christmas this year.

These latest leaks from VGLeaks seem to confirm the rumours that the Xbox 720 will feature an eight-core CPU with 8GB of RAM, and an internal storage system based on a fixed hard drive rather than the modular HDD design of the Xbox 360 console.

Suggested Xbox 720 features included the upgraded Kinect 2 motion gaming peripheral, the long rumoured Xbox TV service and 3D technology.

Alongside the Xbox 720 launch, which could occur on April 26, Microsoft could introduce the four new IPs the company is rumoured to be working on for its next-gen console.

Are you waiting to see what specs and features the Xbox 720 will bring before making up your mind about the PS4? What all new features would you like to see the next-gen Xbox bring? Give us your thoughts via the TrustedReviews Facebook and Twitter feeds or the comment boxes below.


February 28, 2013, 10:27 pm

Can we assume from this that the PS4 might be more powerful?

Jason Johnson

March 1, 2013, 1:46 am

No we cant


March 1, 2013, 7:54 am

The reason I say that is most rumours point to a clock speed for the PS4 of a minimum of 1.6GHz and some recent rumours say final speed will be 2GHz, they both will be using Jaguar architecture but Sony has implemented GDDR5 memory for system RAM which is a pretty sweet move. I realise Microsoft might pull out some really clever architecture modifications to pull ahead of Sony but I think there is only so much one can do with the Jaguar architecture plus if AMD did give MS something special is wouldn't go down well with Sony would it.

The main part to the puzzle is the GPU which is still relatively unknown so I guess we just have to wait and see.


March 1, 2013, 12:00 pm

This is old news, these "suppose" specs were leaked last month. I have a feeling that Microsoft has an ace up there sleeve. So, we're gonna have to wait on Microsoft for official conformation in April.


March 1, 2013, 2:12 pm

With Sony having led first, MS will want to be able to one-up them. Being second to the party, whatever MS reveals will be considered as what they intended all along.

I'm sure the reason Sony haven't shown a final version of the console and specs is in case they want to make changes once the next Xbox is released, without making it seem like it's a reactionary move to what MS unveil.


March 1, 2013, 4:42 pm

I'm a Xbox fanboi, and know better than to put too much faith in rumors, but from everything we've been hearing it seems Microsoft is taking the wrong approach. The updated Kinect is a good idea, but utilizing 2gb of RAM just for this purpose is not something hardcore gamers are going to be impressed with. There are also rumors that the operating system itself will require 2gb to operate, leaving the remaining 4 for gaming. I'm sorry, but if this is the mentality they are actually using, there needs to be more than 8gb of RAM. Microsoft is really going to have to knock this out of the park in order to keep me on board. If they focus too much on extraneous crap like Kinect and a more advanced dashboard/operating system, and prove to cut resources for the gaming aspect of the console, they've lost a future sale.


March 1, 2013, 8:10 pm

I thought that too but there is no way they could do any kind of major change at this late stage, like if MS suddenly pulled out a 16 core beast there isn't much Sony could do.

I think MS will fight with price rather than specs. I would say 90% of console buyers wouldn't really understand or appreciate what an extra 0.5 TFLOP would do for them but if the starting price is £299 rather than £399 then that will get alot more buyers than an extra few FPS.

Basically both will run on very similar architecture, one will be ever so slightly more powerfully but i don't think it will be by much. Both will run all games at 1080p, play blu-rays and have all many of social media crap so there might be a tiny bit of optimisation on other settings like draw distance, texture detail, AA... but in reality it will be harder to spot the differences than it is between the current PS3 and Xbox360. So the price or possibly exclusive titles will rule who wins this war not tiny spec differences.

Justin McDermott

March 1, 2013, 8:58 pm

All of these recent leaks are based off beta dev kits from a year ago. I am sure specs have changed within a year.


March 2, 2013, 2:39 pm

Lower clock speed is less heat. Lower fan noise. Longer life.

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