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"X-Factor For Stupid People" According To Hacked Sony Site

David Gilbert


Sony Music Ireland Hack

Sony Music Ireland has become the latest target of a cyber-attack with hackers posting three fake news stories on the site this morning.

The site has now been taken down with users being redirected to the company’s Facebook page. Previous attacks on Sony’s PlayStation Network and the Sony Pictures website targeted user information, but this latest attack seems to have been more of a prank than anything else. Sony issued a statement to say that there was no substance to any of the three stories and that it was investigating the matter.

Sony Music Ireland Hack

One of the stories related to members of Irish rock band The Script. It was reported that two members of the band had taken their own lives following a recent gig in Dublin. Sony reiterated that all members of the band were OKs. Another story on the site claimed that YouTube sensation Rebecca Black had married R&B star R Kelly – adding that Kelly had also signed for Sony’s security team.

Sony Music Ireland Hack

The final story issued related to the X-Factor with the false story claiming scientists had proven watching the show “decreases your Intelligent Quote [sic].” The report goes on to urge people to try something different instead of wasting time watching “untalented and mediocre karaoke singers.”

While the attack is not as serious as those that targeted users’ account information, the tasteless nature of the story about members of The Script taking their own lives will leave a bad taste in the mouth. It will also be disturbing for Sony to see one of its sites attacked once again.

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