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Worst passwords revealed – is yours up to scratch?


Did you get caught out by this list?

With innumerable accounts to manage, maintaining good password etiquette is increasingly difficult.

A security group has released a list of the most commonly-used passwords of 2015.

SplashData has ranked the passwords – all of which are absolutely terrible – for posterity, which you’ll find listed below:

  1. 123456
  2. password
  3. 12345678
  4. qwerty
  5. 12345
  6. 123456789
  7. football
  8. 1234
  9. 1234567
  10. baseball
  11. welcome
  12. 1234567890
  13. abc123
  14. 111111
  15. 1qaz2wsx
  16. dragon
  17. master
  18. monkey
  19. letmein
  20. login
  21. princess
  22. qwertyuiop
  23. solo
  24. passw0rd
  25. starwars

SplashData acquires the password data by collating information from cybersecurity breaches in the USA and Europe.

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So how can you stay safe? Microsoft lists the following tips for password creation on its Windows support page:

  • At least eight characters long
  • Does not contain user name, real name, or company name
  • Does not contain a complete word
  • Is significantly different from previous passwords
  • Contains at least one uppercase letter, lowercase letter, number, and symbol

Do you use any of the above passwords? Probably best not to tell us in the comments below…

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