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Microsoft will formally unveil Windows 9 on September 30, claimed insiders have reported.

Luke Johnson


Microsoft Windows

Microsoft has big plans for the coming months; with latest reports suggesting a Windows 9 unveil will be held on September 30.

With the Redmond-based giant looking to show off its Windows 8 follow-on, it has been suggested the operating system – the subject of multiple recent leaks under the codename ‘Threshold’ – will be showcased ahead of a preview release being made available to developers.

Citing claimed “sources familiar with Microsoft’s plans,” the folks over at The Verge have pegged September 30 as a ‘tentative’ date for the first formal look at the new operating system.

Hedging their bets, the reports added that “this date may change” and that the preview software will be made available to developers “on September 30th or shortly afterwards”.

If this date is accurate, Microsoft could give the first official look a Windows 9 within days of Apple’s new desktop OS – OS X Yosemite – being made available for download.

One of the most high profile elements of Windows 9 is the return of the new mini Start Menu.

Set to return after complains of its omission from Windows 8, the menu feature will likely be joined by a raft of new additions, including a mass of UI changes and the addition of voice assistant Cortana.

Microsoft has yet to announce any formal plans for a Windows 9 unveiling.

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August 21, 2014, 9:06 pm

What is wrong with windows 8 ? Please, please don't change it. Am I the only one who never uses the Start Menu.


August 22, 2014, 7:48 am

The way they migrated the changes to Server 2012 are astounding. I love starting up my Server 2012 touch screen tablet, sliding a few tiles around, it's really neat. The best screen is where I search for something like omgwtfroflol then click the desktop - they've really thought about the UI and removed all the things that get in the way.


August 22, 2014, 10:24 am


Although I agree, in the Server environment it seems a little crazy, I don't really mind the Windows 8 changes at all. Who really misses the Start Menu that much? Well, apparently everyone, but I think it's just reluctance to accept change.

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