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Windows 8 Will Not Come With DVD Playback By Default


Microsoft Windows 8 Media Center
DVD playback is to become an optional extra in Windows 8

Microsoft has revealed that it is leaving DVD playback out from the default version of its upcoming Windows 8 operating system.

The information follows another recent announcement that the Windows Media Center package will no longer come as standard in Windows 8, it will need to be bought just like any separate piece of software. That will then enable DVD playback, though it is also possible to play DVDs using third party and usually free applications such as VLC.

Computer suppliers will almost certainly bundle additional media playing software alongside Windows 8 to do a similar job. Windows 8 will support many of the common digital AV formats, including Dolby Digital Plus audio.

With the increase in digital media consumption using streamed or downloaded files, Microsoft is clearly gearing up for a future without the shiny little discs. Netbooks, tablets and the most streamlined laptops already omit optical drives from the hardware.

On the Building Windows 8 blog, Microsoft says using PCs for TV and DVD viewing are "in sharp decline." Cutting out basic support for optical media playback means it would cost less in royalty payments.

Windows 8 will have optional upgrades, the Pro Pack or Media Center Pack, which will provide DVD playback in Media Center, plus broadcast TV recording and VOB format support. The price for the add-ons is not confirmed but is expected to be “marginal”.

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May 6, 2012, 3:41 pm

MS really are doing their best to put people off upgrading to this aren't they! They're going to have to push this through to the mainstream by loading it into new PCs by default. Everyone I know who have tried W8 (including a couple of IT pro's) say it's terrible and won't touch it. Shame, brave idea but badly executed.


May 7, 2012, 7:11 pm

Me-----Barge Pole------ W8.

Horrid GUI. I will be sticking with W7, which is superb. I can see trouble ahead for MS. Just hope Nokia will ditch their exclusive Windows Phone arrangement before it's too late for them.

No doubt MS will ride the storm, after all they're loaded.

Chatan Mistry

May 7, 2012, 8:04 pm

I agree with Hex, a ridiculously stupid idea. None of their OS to date seem to support DVD playback so I guess it's nothing new. But when you compare it to Linux and OS X which can both play it easily you do wonder if it's such a wise move.


May 9, 2012, 7:14 pm

All our versions of Windows 8 will offer the following functionality:

1. As we've removed Windows ability to handle USB hubs, you'll have to buy individual USB activating licences for each USB device (even if you don't use them any more). Be safe in the knowledge that your devices will be attached securely and safely.

2. Windows 8 will revert to FAT32. A subscription fee will be payable if you wish to use the NTFS file system. Please note that failure to keep up with payments will result in the user losing either files or folders larger than 4GB.

3. Each time you use Windows 8, you'll pay a small service fee that will ensure you can use your computer! You can purchase either PAYG plans or bundle plans to ensure that your use of Windows 8 is not interrupted.

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