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Windows 8 UK cost confirmed as £24.99


Windows 8

Microsoft has confirmed its UK pricing for Windows 8. It will launch on October 26 for £24.99.

There were fears that UK customers would have to pay considerable more for their downloadable copy of Windows 8 than the $39.99 US price. As reported by the Daily Mail, though, those fears seem to be unfounded.

Customers who bought a Windows 7 PC after 2 June 2012 will be able to get their digital copy of Windows 8 even cheaper - a mere £14.99 via windowsupgradeoffer.com.

Amazon.co.uk is currently offering Windows 8 on pre-order for £49.99, although this will get you a physical disc, and such prices are always subject to change.

Microsoft has planned a special launch event for Windows 8 on October 26. The new OS will see a radical UI overhaul, with the old desktop style being replaced by a touchscreen-friendly alternative that takes a number of cues from the Windows Phone 7 OS.

Along these lines, Windows 8 will be compatible with desktop PCs, laptops and tablets alike. Meanwhile Windows Phone 8 will be built on the same foundation, making cross-platform use much easier.

A number of manufacturers are set to show off their Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8 plans at this week's IFA 2012 event in Berlin. Samsung, for example, has already unveiled both a Windows 8 tablet and a Windows Phone 8 smartphone, called the ATIV Tab and ATIV S respectively.

Via The Mail

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August 30, 2012, 2:29 pm

From all I have read, I won't be putting it on my PCs, not even if it was a zero cost upgrade. I suspect MS realises it has an uphill battle on it's hands, hence the price ... which would be a bargain if it was compellingly better than Windows 7.


August 30, 2012, 8:38 pm

I think I'll stick to Windows 7 and avoid the Fisher-Price Metro interface which can't be switched off.

And keep my W7 installation disc for when I finally replace my laptop and have to buy one with W8 pre-installed.

Still, £24.99 seems keenly priced.

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