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Windows 8 sales as strong as Windows 7



Microsoft has revealed that sales of Windows 8 are matching those of Windows 7 at the same point in its life.

Microsoft's chief marketing officer and chief financial officer Tami Reller recently gave an interview over on the official Windows blog, where she said that "More than 60 million licenses sold is on par with the record setting pace we saw with Windows 7."

Of course, this has been helped by the discounted upgrade price Windows 8 went for right up until February 1, 2013. This meant that users of previous Windows versions could upgrade from previous versions of the OS for just £24.99.

Reller also explained that after three months on sale, Windows 8 users are demanding more touch functionality. "From tablets, to touch laptops, to all-in-one PCs, customer interest in new touch form factors is increasing," she said.

It's not just sales of Windows 8 copies that have been strong. According to Reller, Windows Store app downloads hit the 100 million mark just 60 days after the new OS was released. What's more, the number of apps available on the Windows Store has quadrupled since it opened on October 26.

Reller also claimed that app developers are in a strong position with Windows 8, pointing out that they get to keep up to 100 per cent of their profits from app sales.

Reller was keen to put paid to the idea that Windows 8 was awkward for people to use, too. "Fifty percent of users get through the out of box experience in less than 5 minutes," she claimed.

What do you think? Has Windows 8 been more of a success than people are giving it credit for? Let us know in the comments box below.

Via: TechRadar


February 5, 2013, 11:52 am

I love Windows 8.... I upgraded my laptop, desktop and tablet. I used Start8 for a couple of weeks but these days I rarely go into the desktop at all. The new interface makes everything so much quicker and easy to access whatever device Im using. I would use anything else nowadays. A great job from Microsoft, Windows 8 makes Android, Ubuntu, Mac OS & iOS look old fashioned.


February 5, 2013, 4:27 pm

Windows 8 is awesome very easy to use and looks cool, I love the "live" tiles better than anything on the market


February 6, 2013, 6:49 am

I burnt Windows 8 onto the EEPROM in my washing machine. Wash cycles take half the time, I use less soap powder, whites are whiter and colors are brighter. I'm going to install it on my toaster, too.


February 7, 2013, 1:30 am

No, Microsoft has sold 60 million licences... Not the same as selling 60 million to users. Most of the licences are for PC's still sitting un-bought in places like Best Buy.

Also, MS claimed 40 million in the first month, then upped that to 60 million for the second month... Which at very least implies sales fell by 50% from one month to the next...

Windows 8 is fine as it stands... for some people...

But for the majority it seems they either dislike it or see little or no benefit from upgrading...

I personally hate the ugly live tiles... I really can't see staring at an ugly screen to watch my tiles "update"... I'd rather be looking at a beautiful photographic desktop.... Kind of defeats the purpose of live tiles if you're not wanting to look at them...

I honestly see this slowly fading into history as another "Vista", People will realise that "apps" are not selling as there's not much demand, so there will be less and less new apps... as developers give up and look for a more lucrative market...

Look, I hate Windows 8, It's ugly, clumsy and disjointed... but even I thought it would do better than it has...

Bill Tetzeli

February 12, 2013, 4:58 am

The whole idea of Windows 8-Track leaves me cold. When someone says it'll take a couple of hours or days to get used (inured) to, I think back to how long it took me to learn how to use Windows 95.

1 minute.

That's it. The length of that brilliant commercial featuring the Rolling Stones' "Start Me Up", the most widely seen tutorial ever. Programs and settings? Use the Start button and menu. Looking for that open program or folder? Don't need to move windows around any more - they're all there on the task bar. Computing made easy, computing for the masses. Look - even you can do it.

That's all over. 18 years later and MS thumbs its nose at ease of use, it's only real advantage. Mac is easy and stable (and has NOT ditched the desktop or made it hard to use), Linux is free and easy enough, with the same choice of competing hardware manufacturers that Windows allows. MS, meantime, is doing the worst thing possible - playing to Apple's strengths rather than their own. It's a losing game, one they will pay for.

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