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Windows 8 Beta Coming In Early 2012

David Gilbert


Windows 8 Beta

Two different sources are claiming that the beta version of Windows 8 will go public in either January or February of 2012.

Over at The Next Web (TNW), they’ve spoken to sources close to Microsoft who claim that the public beta has been pegged for late Febraury, though what exactly will be included in this version of Windows 8 is still being finalised.

TNW claims that this date ties in with a previous report that Windows 8 will be released to manufacturers in June, however July or August would seem like a more realistic date for that release.

Microsoft themselves have been rather quiet on the final release date for Windows 8 and engineers are still working on which components of the new OS will be ready for release in the public beta.

Windows 8 Beta

Over at WinRumours however, they are claiming we’ll get our hands on the Beta version sooner than that, pegging it at a late January release. Initially Microsoft had been hoping to get the beta ready for CES in early January, but it seems that deadline will certainly be missed.

According to a source who spoke to WinRumours, we will however get a chance to try out a near final copy of Windows 8 beta at CES alongside a Metro version of Office

We will of course be bringing you all the details of these presentations direct from CES in Las Vegas next month, but for now let us know if you will be trying to get your hands on Windows 8 beta when it is finally released.

Source: The Next Web and WinRumours

Via: The Verge

Ala Miah

December 4, 2011, 5:04 pm

Is those solely for tablets or will it work in desktops as well?


December 5, 2011, 1:27 am

@Ala - It's being built for both tablets and desktops, with the Metro interface for tablets, and a combination of Metro and the Windows 7 interface for desktops. We'll have to wait for the beta (and subsequent release) to see if Microsoft can pull this off. You can check out the Windows 8 Developer Preview now: http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/apps/br229516 Also it's well worth reading the Building Windows 8 blog: http://blogs.msdn.com/b/b8/ Me, I'm looking forward to the fast start-up times and redesigned task manager/windows explorer. I'm also hoping that Microsoft will have a order early/get it cheap scheme as with Windows 7.

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