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Windows 8 apps coming to Xbox One? Microsoft drops hint at Build


Windows 8.1

Microsoft's has hinted that apps developed for Windows 8 will also be compatible with the Xbox One games console.

The next-generation games console is built on the Windows 8 architecture, but the company has been tight-lipped so far about the potential for cross compatibility regarding apps developed for Windows 8.

During a session at the company's Build developer's conference in San Francisco, Microsoft's Steve Guggenheimer teased a future where those Windows 8 apps will run natively on Microsoft's new gaming and entertainment device.

Guggenheimer, the company's vice president of Microsoft's Developer & Platform Evangelism group, told attendees to get a head start on building Xbox One apps by embracing Windows 8.

The Verge reports he said: "Xbox one has two engines, it's got a gaming engine and it essentially has a Windows 8 engine,"

"[There's] Nothing to announce today, but when I talk about that common core you're seeing that common core in action, being able to target other devices devices over time that run the Windows 8 engine.

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"If you want to know about how to get a head start about thinking about developing for Xbox One, the logical thing to do is go build Windows 8 applications."

Microsoft has been making a concerted effort to harmonise its experiences for developers lately, but most of that talk has centred around the potential cross-platform apps for Windows Phone and Windows 8.

Making apps compatible with Xbox One also would also boost the idea of a unified ecosystem and perhaps give Microsoft a leg up on the Sony PS4.

Which Windows 8 apps would you like to see on the Xbox One? Let is know your thoughts in the comments section below.

FIFA playr

June 27, 2013, 10:26 pm

SportsTables would be great in snap view with FIFA.

Ryan Robinson

October 8, 2013, 10:26 pm

I landed here because the apps are precisely what will determine if we do buy one or not.

I feel safe assuming that Netflix and NBA League Pass will be on there since it was on the 360, even on Canada's much more limited selection.

I essentially want apps for each of the major TV stations in Canada. CityTV recently released a Windows 8 app, which I hope comes over, along with CTV, CBC, and Global. What I would like to see is for those apps to even have livestreaming, although we can pick up many of them by digital antenna. Livestreaming would still have all the commercials so I'm not sure what they'd have to lose.

On top of the freebie Canadian stations, I'd like TSN (Canadian equivalent of ESPN) - again with livestreaming - and would happily pay a few dollars a month subscription for it. We have no interest in cable because you have to pay a bunch of stuff you don't want in order to get what you do want, but I could see a future where providers have subscription apps so you can buy just what stations you want.

The most important of all to me, though, is XBMC and/or Plex. We have a large collection of media and those apps are clearly the best at playing them, assuming Microsoft lets it on to rival the native apps and assuming the necessary network drive access capability is there. Alternatively, if the native XBox Music and Video could compete with that functionality - scraping for data, sorting by genre and actors, all that stuff - then I would be quite happy with that instead.

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