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Windows 10 update leak shows off new features


Windows 10

A new build of Windows 10 has leaked onto the internet, highlighting a number of useful new features.

Microsoft will be holding a special event on October 6 (that's tomorrow) to talk about Windows 10 for mobile, among other things. However, a freshly leaked build of Windows 10 has revealed some of the upgrades it has planned elsewhere.

Windows 10 build 10558 hit the internet (via WinBeta and SlashGear) over the weekend.

Of the many new features it contains, perhaps the biggest is the ability to install apps on drives other than plain old 'C:'. From the new version, you'll be able to install apps to a microSD card, for example.

This will prove especially useful for tablet and hybrid devices with limited internal storage.

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Microsoft's new Edge web browser will also continue to evolve in build 10558. The stand-out feature here will be the ability to preview tabs without having to navigate to them.

There also appear to be hints that Microsoft could be reading its universal messaging app for the new build. This would be a single unifying messaging app that handles messages across mobile and PC, supporting both Skype and SMS.

There's a good chance we'll be seeing this new version of Windows 10 following Microsoft's big event on Tuesday.

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