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Windows 10 now a recommended update


Windows 10

Microsoft is ready get a little pushier with its Windows 10 upgrade scheme.

Back in October, Microsoft announced its intention to make Windows 10 a recommended update rather than an optional one some time in the New Year. This would mean that the OS would automatically download onto the computers of those who had registered.

Now that plan seems to be taking shape. As The Register points out, a Microsoft spokesperson has revealed that Windows 10 will be bumped up to 'recommended update' status from Monday.

If you have automatic updates configured on your Windows 7 or Windows 8.1 computer, expect Windows 10 to download in the background without your needing to do anything.

Of course, the upgrade still won't be forced upon you, as such. You'll receive a prompt before the Windows 10 OS is actually installed on your computer - it's just that the files for such an upgrade will all be sat there on your hard drive, ready for approval.

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Even if you do opt to upgrade to Windows 10, and then find yourself regretting it later, Microsoft offers a way out. You can revert to your previous version of Windows within 30 days of updating to the new OS.

Think of this as a month's obligation-free trial, then, and take it for a spin. We're pretty sure that Windows 8.1 users in particular won't be exercising their roll-back rights in a hurry.

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