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Where can I fly my drone in the UK?


The London Eye? Drone-free, we're afraid

Back in October, a film-maker was fined over £1,000 for flying his drone over Hyde Park. Don’t let that be you.

A new website has been set up to answer the question on a growing number of lips: where can I fly my drone in the UK?

The site is aptly named CanIFlyMyDrone.com, and it lets you search attractions by name, city, or country to find out where you can and can’t operate a drone.

flydroneWhere would you most like to fly a drone?

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You’re not allowed to fly a drone at the Alton Towers Theme Park in Stoke, for instance, but you can legally fly a drone at Dubai’s Burj Khalifa – pending permission from the building owners.

The Game of Thrones tour in Belfast is also drone-friendly, but you have to ask the tour operators first, the site reveals.

And Victoria Park in London gets a complete thumbs-up for drone-flying apparently, and you don’t even have to ask anyone.

“Many hobbyists and attractions across the world have used drones to capture truly stunning imagery and video, but we know that wronlg interpreting the many guidelines and regulations can result in serious safety violations,” says Simon Applebaum, Managing Director at AttractionTix, the ticket-selling company that set up the site.

Applebaum continues: “We know that the large majority of pilots are well intentioned, so we made CanIFlyMyDrone.com to give greater clarity and education around some of the world’s biggest attractions and locations.”

Most of the locations listed on the site are in the UK for now, although a number of global attractions are included.

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