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When is the next Steam Sale? Winter Sale 2016 times, dates and best deals


Best Steam Deals

Taking place at regular intervals throughout the year, Steam sales offer some of the year's best gaming deals, but they're often announced at fairly short notice. Want to get ahead of the pack? Here's all you need to know about bagging a bargain in the 2016 Winter Sale and all deals that are coming.

We're expecting 2016 to feature up to four Steam sales. The Steam Summer Sale, Halloween Sale, and Autumn Sale (aka Black Friday Sale) have already taken place, but we now now there's at least one more Steam Sale this year – the Steam Winter Sale or Christmas Sale.

This is where you'll find all the latest details for the next Steam Sale plus an idea of the best deals.

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When is the Steam Winter Sale 2016?

Valve rarely confirms the timings of its Steam Sales in advance, but the date of the Steam Winter Sale – you could also think of it as the Steam Holiday Sale, if you wanted to be really PC – appears to have leaked.

According to a posting on NeoGAF (which EuroGamer claims to have independently verified), the Steam Winter Sale will kick-off this year on December 22 and run through January 2.

Recently, Valve has broken with previous form and ditched 'Flash deals' during its Steam Sales, so it's worth knowing (or at least educatedly guessing...) that the price drops you see on December 22 are as good as you'll see the rest of the year and into 2017.

That's no bad thing, though, as along with the Steam Summer Sale, the Winter Sale is generally regarded as one of the two 'big ones', with the Halloween and Autumn Sales usually playing third and fourth fiddle.

In 2015, the Steam Winter Sale also got under way on December 22 and ran for a similar period, so this leak looks pretty good to us.

We'll be sure to keep this page updated with all the latest information as it becomes available.

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When is the Steam Summer Sale 2017?

The Steam Summer Sale is usually the biggest Steam Sale, and in 2016, it kicked-off on June 23 and ran until July 4. PayPal UK tweeted the details in advance, though Valve itself didn't announce the sale.

In 2017, similar timing seems like a good bet, so keep an eye on the Steam Store from June 2017 onwards.

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What games do you want to buy during the Steam Winter Sale? Let us know in the comments below.

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