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Western Digital My Cloud NAS range gets prosumer and small business models


Western Digital My Cloud NAS
Western Digital My Cloud NAS

Western Digital has broadened its My Cloud NAS range introducing four new devices aimed at the prosumer and small business markets.

For the former there are the 2-bay EX2100 and 4-bay EX4100 which are among the first units to use the new ARM-based Marvell Riverwood processors (ARMADA 385 / 388). These, Western Digital claims, will allow these devices to offer best in class read and write speeds.

These two are upgrades to the existing EX2 and EX4 offerings aimed at prosumers however the small business market is one that Western Digital hadn't yet got involved in. That's where the new 2-bay DL2100 and 4-bay DL4100 come in.

Externally similar to the EX line, the DL models are internally powered by Intel Atom processors, with the DL2100 using the Atom C2350 while the DL4100 uses the Atom C2338. They also incorporate more Active Directory features for easier integration into Windows server environments.

Western Digital My Cloud NAS

All for devices use the same My Cloud interface, which has widely been praised for its ease of use, and they also have very similar features including RAID conversion, hot-swappable drives, NAS to NAS transfers, NAS to USB and NAS to Cloud.

Externally they also all feature two gigabit ethernet ports and two USB 3.0, with drives easily accessible via tray-less 3.5in drive bays.

Both pairs of devices will be available either empty or pre-filled with Western Digital's own WD Red hard drives, which are specifically designed for use in NAS devices.

All four drives are available immediately with the EX2100 costing $249.99 (£151) empty and $749.99 including 12TB, the EX4100 starting at $399.99 (£258) empty and hitting $1449.99 with 24TB. Then the DL2100 starts at $349.99 (£225) and goes up to $849.99 for 12 TB, while the DL 4100 starts at $529.99 (£342) and goes up to $1529.99 for 24TB.


February 27, 2015, 7:32 pm

As I have read many times in other advertising "your experience may differ". I have the EX2, properly installed and placed into my small system (2 laptops, 2 desktops, 3 iPads, two iPhones, 1 range extender, 1 Samsung smart TV, 1 PSIII, 1 other WD NAS, two printers, obviously a modem/router and a few other things). The hardware appears to work fine, the software not so much. After several attempts to use the EX2 for backup, storage and to create a mirror, I have given up. When I search the index, the EX2 remains empty. I realize I am not an expert (did teach HW, SW for ten years and have built/set up been a tech for twenty years, currently building a complex website, etc.) but this one has me. I have been on the WD site for hours and have left requests for them to contact me. They finally responded today with a form telling me to look at the faq. So please do not suggest WD. Give me another alternative because I have only the one NAS as backup and it is at its limit.

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