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Watch an iPhone 6 be dropped from space... and survive


iphone 6 space drop test
A proper space cadet

Here's an iPhone 6 drop test that will take some beating. Apple's latest mobile takes a trip to outer space before being released, and you'll be glad to know it survived the descent back to earth.

In a promotional video for the Urban Armor Gear iPhone case, Apple's handset is seen wrapped in the safe confines of the protective case while being raised from somewhere in the quaint English countryside by balloon. We see the handset travel through the earth's atmosphere to a height of 101,000 feet. The balloon ruptures and the handset comes crashing down to earth.

It's like something out of Gravity.

However, a parachute was on hand to stop the iPhone injuring anyone. You might think that's a cop out, as the device didn't survive its plummet to earth unaided. But it still withstood temperatures of -79 degrees Fahrenheit, 70mph winds and 150rpm spins.

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Also attached to the flight rig were two GoPro cameras to film the action, a GPS unit and a backup phone.

The touchdown isn't pretty, but you know what pilots say: If you can walk away from it, it's a good landing. And it's pretty amazing seeing a handset plummet from space, even if it is in the name of selling us iPhone cases.

Now, the question is: Will it silence the critics who think Apple's handsets bend too easily? Or will they maintain that the devices are too delicate? Answers dropped from space please.


January 16, 2015, 12:08 pm

Its a brilliant video, really well put togther.... but absolutly no evidence except the back of the Urban Armour case that the phone survived, or was still switched on.....
It did look like a fairly soft landing.... Brill


January 16, 2015, 12:19 pm

A parachute landing onto grass - brutal. And surviving low temperature is down to Apple's engineering, not the case.

Jesus Reyes

January 16, 2015, 10:00 pm

Hahahah love how writes don't know how to write titles. Totally inaccurate article.

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