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Walli is a smart wallet that tracks which cards it contains


walli smart wallet
Never lose your card again

Losing your wallet is one of the most annoying things that can happen to a person. Not only do you lose the money it contains, you also have to cancel your credit cards, and order a new driving licence, library card, and whatever else was in there. Thankfully, Walli can stop you losing it.

It's a smart wallet that connects to your phone via Bluetooth and sends you a notification if you leave it behind. (So better not lose your phone.) So far, so normal for a smart wallet. But Walli also notifies you if you leave a card behind. That's right, it knows what's inside it and detects when something is left behind. It uses a timer, and after a certain amount of time has elapsed and the card hasn't been returned to its usual place in the wallet, it'll let you know.

Walli can also help you find your phone. Double tap your wallet, and if your handset is within 100 feet, an alarm will sound, even if it's in silent mode.

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It's RFID protected, so thieves can't scan Walli and access your card information. It's made from genuine leather and is dust-proof. The manufacturers are working on making it waterproof too. And it's powered by a single watch battery, which should last about six months before needing replacing.

It costs $79 (£53) on an early bird and will ship in February.

Marek Ciesla

May 24, 2016, 8:45 am

to get a great experience in using BLE technology in wallets like Walli, for the manufactures is important to set a beam of signal on the level of 300 milliseconds than 1500 ... Usually the manufactures that uses beacons with batteries try to keep this connection using standard Apple spec - 1500 milliseconds to make some savings on longevity of added batteries. As far as I know the smart wallets, that using wireless charging like Woolet, can deliver the experience of connectivity between wallet and smartphones on the highest level as there is no issue of replacing often used batterie. I hope that Walli is aware of this challenge.

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