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Voting Closes On TrustedReviews 2011 Awards


Voting Closes On TrustedReviews 2011 Awards

That’s it folks, it’s all over. The voting for the TrustedReviews 2011 Awards has officially closed and now its down to a panel of experts to pick the top tech products of the year from the shortlist voted for by you.

For the past three weeks, you have been voting for the top technology products of the past 12 months in 14 different categories from the Best Tablet to the Best Digital Camera and everything in between.

The voting closed this afternoon and we are now using our huge brains to tot up all the votes (a computer may also be helping us), and next week we will be announcing the top three products in each category as voted for by you.

Each of the products will then be presented to a panel of some of the greatest minds in the technology world to decide the ultimate outcome and choose the winner in each category. The panel is made up of TrustedReviews alumni as well as soon-to-be-announced experts from within the industry.

The panel will spend two days examining, debating and ultimately voting for their favourite in each of the 14 categories. The judging will be taking place in a secret location somewhere in London so that no one will be able to exert any undue influence over the final choice.

The winners will be announced the following week and we will also be naming the coveted TrustedReviews Product of the Year award for 2011.

Thanks you all for voting and make sure you check back next week to find out whether your favourite products have made it into the final three.

Greg Shewan

November 21, 2011, 2:21 pm

Surely you don't decide? You tally the votes, alumni and experts included, then make the results know?

It makes TR look partial to certain products by using the term 'decide' or 'choose'... I know it's just syntax, but it makes a difference.


November 23, 2011, 8:58 pm

From my understanding of the rules, they *do* decide. Our votes were only used to pick out the top 3 devices. Then the panel decides which one of those 3 wins. Even if one gadget got 90% of the votes, followed by 5% for the others, the others could still win.

Don't think it was ever meant to be an impartial award.


November 24, 2011, 10:20 pm

Greg, GK - you're both right and I'll clarify, because it's a bit of both. We picked te products based on highest overall scores for each category and these went into our Best Of roundups which are part of our regular content on the site. Each of these products was put in a poll for the audience vote. We selected the top three based on these votes and they made the finals, where they were judged by a panel of TR staff and expert guests, who assigned various scores based on a variety of criteria ranging from design and built quality, to picture quality and battery life were appropriate. This process was a blind ballot and the scores were totted up after the event.

At the time of writing, the results haven't been announced yet, but I will say there was only one draw - in the 2D TV category. Where this was the case, we reverted back to the popular vote to decide the outcome.

As TV guru John Archer summed up perfectly, it's a independent judiciary system backed by a democracy. That's the dream, right there. Now maybe I'll get a defence budget.

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