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Vodafone Smart Mini launched

Sam Loveridge


Vodafone Smart Mini
Vodafone Smart Mini

Vodafone has launched its latest affordable smartphone, the Vodafone Smart Mini, which is available to buy now.

The compact smartphone is an entry-level handset that packs a 3.5-inch 320 x 480p HVGA Capacitive touch screen and a 1GHz processor.

Available later today on the UK network provider’s website, the Vodafone Smart Mini is being offered for just £50 on a Pay As You Go tariff.

For anyone purchasing the Vodafone Smart Mini before the end of July, Vodafone is offering all-you-can-eat data for 30 days with the Freedom Freebee to make the most out of the new handset.

Vodafone Smart Mini Features

The Vodafone Smart Mini is a compact smartphone that measures 115 x 62.3 x 12.2mm dimensions, with a 3.5-inch HVGA capacitive touchscreen display. The smartphone offers 320 x 480p screen resolutions, which isn’t exactly HD but for the price range is sufficient.

In the rear the entry-level smartphone packs a 2-megapixel camera with digital zoom, but lacks any front-facing camera for video-calling capabilities.

Running an unknown version of Android Jelly Bean, the Vodafone Smart Mini has a 1GHz MT6575 processor with 512GB.

With 4GB of built in storage, 2.4GB of that is available for use, but it is bolstered by a microSD card slot supporting memory cards up to 32GB.

Available in a black and white to begin with, Vodafone will also be offering the Smart Mini in pink for the girls.

The Vodafone Smart Mini will be available later today, or for something a little bit higher up the spec sheet, consumers can opt for the Vodafone Smart 3 that is £95 PAYG for a 4-inch display and 1GHz ARM A9 processor.

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June 18, 2013, 10:23 pm

Bought this phone yesterday and have to say I'm very impressed indeed. For £50- there is a lot of phone, and even the harshest critic couldn't say this isn't excellent for the money!! Anyone looking to get their first smartphone like me then I'd recommend the Smart Mini. I haven't even learnt all of its features yet but I'm already impressed by the amount of features it has! It can even be plugged into a PC so you can get the phone's internet connection on your PC, with the phone effectively doubling up as a dongle (I'm told many smartphones have this facility, but being completely new to smartphones I was still impressed by it!).

Buy it from Vodafone shop and they'll even set it all up for you and you'll get 30 days free internet when you buy the £10 airtime (which you have to buy with the £50- phone, but the guy offered to let me off buying the airtime as I was originally going to use the sim from my old phone, but no point as for a mere £10- I decied to get the airtime and free sim so I could play around with phone and learn to use it until the free 30days free internet expires). So for a £60- total I've got a brand new smartphone, some call credit, and a load of free internet usage!!

I can only find one small downside and that's there is no case for it (as its so new nobody has made a dedicated case - not even Vodafone oddly!). Anyway, as its so smooth/slippery it can slip out of your hand too easily - that's why it desperately needs a case! However, I've found out the Smart mini is exactly the same size as an Apple 'iphone 3G' so I'm going to get a rubber case from Poundland (yes, they still sell iphone 3 cases and the .99p store also does!), will have to cut a small hole in the rubber case for the phone's speaker though - not a perfect solution, but far better than dropping it!!!

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