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Vodafone Cuts iPhone 4S Prices

David Gilbert


Vodafone Cuts iPhone 4S Prices

Even though the iPhone 4S is proving more popular than any handset in history in terms of pre-orders, one carrier in the UK has decided to cut the price of the handset.

Yesterday we reported that the iPhone 4S was pre-ordered by over 1 million people in the first 24 hours it went on sale. Yet despite this heavy interest from customers around the world, Vodafone UK has decided that it was simply charging too much for the updated phone.

Vodafone has dropped the up-front cost of the iPhone 4S by as much as £120, which could be an indication that there is more competition than ever in the iPhone space and the network carrier is looking to attract a lot of new customers.

iPhone 4S Vodafone

The 16GB iPhone 4S on a 24 month contract costing £26-a-month will now cost £239 up front, down from £359, meaning the overall contract will cost £963. Higher tariffs will see less of a drop in the up-front price. The 32GB version will cost £80 less on the £26-a-month contract while the 64GB model will be £70 cheaper.

While this may be seen as a major decision from Vodafone, in real terms it just means it is bringing its prices in line with the other carriers, though Vodafone itself is taking a different line:

“We’ve looked at the offers available to customers and wanted to ensure we remained competitive. Whilst we’ve seen very good take up across all models of iPhone we want to offer the best value available.”

As we pointed out in our comprehensive tariffs round-up and Vodafone is still the only carrier offering contracts less than two years and we see this as a big advantage and with its up front costs now in line with competitors, it could be set to take advantage of the popularity of the new handset.

Are Vodafone’s new prices enough to tempt you to upgrade? Let us know in the comments.

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