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Vodafone Customers Can Pay Cab Fares With Phones

David Gilbert


Vodafone Customers Can Pay Cab Fares With Phones

Some black cabs in London have finally added a feature which won’t cost you a fortune and will also allow you to pay for your cab fares even if you don’t have any money.

Vodafone has kitted-out 500 black cabs with mobile phone chargers to allow busy passengers to juice up their phones on the go. The chargers will connect to an array of devices including BlackBerrys and iPhones. The move is all part of an advertising campaign from the mobile carrier which is trying to tell people about the "hundreds of improvements" it’s made to its network in London which is straining under the pressure put on it by the exponential increase of smartphone use in recent years. The initiative will also be rolled out to the Heathrow Express trains in the capital from next week as part of a £10 million advertising campaign by Vodafone.

However charging your smartphone on the go is not the only innovation Vodafone has introduced today. Vodafone bill pay customers will now also be able to pay their cab fares via text rather than diverting to a cash machine. Should you find yourself without a penny in your wallet as the cab is pulling in, if you are a Vodafone customer you can now send a text quoting the cab’s licence number and the fare will be billed to your mobile account. Guy Laurence, chief executive of Vodafone UK, said: "We are committed to offering London the best possible network."

While it is obviously part of an advertising campaign, we’re sure the charging and payment systems will come in handy for many black cab users and we would like to see more systems like this being put into place on a more widespread basis.

Source: Guardian

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