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Vivo teases world’s thinnest smartphone at just 3.85mm thick


Vivo phone
Vivo's paper-thin smartphone resting atop an Apple iPhone 5S

Vivo has just teased the most svelte smartphone we’ve ever seen. Seriously. This thing makes endurance runners second-guess that next donut.

The eastern smartphone maker’s mystery blower measures up at a nigh-on invisible 3.85mm thick, trumping its Chinese pal Oppo’s new R5.

It’s all very hush-hush right now – the only glimpse we’ve had of the device is a Weibo post showing it off.

While most probably won’t have heard of Vivo, it’s actually a fairly established manufacturer over in China. They were the even the first OEM to build a phone with a 1440p display.

Vivo’s new slim-line smartphone is largely an enigma at this point – we’ve no idea what the specs will be, what OS is will run, or even whether it will ever leave home soil.

Regardless of the specs, it’s still record-breaking in terms of thinness. The iPhone 6, for instance, sports a 7.1mm thick chassis. This means Vivo’s comes in at around half the depth of Apple’s fare.

It might not all be sunshine and rainbows for the dieted-down device however. It could be pretty tough to cram decent specs into a chassis so thin.

There’s also the issue of structural integrity. Apple’s iPhone 6 Plus has been reported to have issues with warping and bending, largely assumed to be a result of the phone’s slim profile.

Vivo’s offering could surely suffer the same issue, trading a sound build for wowing aesthetics.

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Hamish Campbell

November 1, 2014, 8:27 pm

Now, one doesn't have to be particularly old to remember the race to be the smallest cellphone, that silly little flip motorola springs to mind (I think the StarTac, after googling a bit).

Then all of a sudden they got whopping big again as screen size for touch phones became the thing.

Now we are in a thinness race......but I'm struggling to see what will turn things around for us to suddenly want the thickest phone on the planet.

Perhaps, I'm just not much of a visionary.


November 2, 2014, 3:29 pm

I think they are trying to solve a problem that does not exist, which is always a BAD idea in a competitive market and usually ends up in disaster.
Even Apple are going to stop boosting how thin their devices are, because people get tired of it after a while.
I would prefer the phone to be 2 mil thicker, but have +50% battery life.

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