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Virgin Media Launches New 'Collections' Price Plans


Virgin Media Collections
Virgin Media Collections

Virgin Media has just announced a new raft of price plans for its TV, Internet and telephone services, calling them the Collections.

The new plans all come with an uncannily-good-at-knowing-what-programs-to-record TiVo box and 30Mb broadband as standard with options to add further non-TiVo boxes if you want. The plans are half price for the first six months but regular pricing starts form £25 per month with the packages breaking down as follows:

Collection Digital TV Box TV Pack & CHannels Included HD Channels Fibre Optic Broadband Telephone Included Extras Price/Month
Essential TiVo 600GB M (75) 6 30Mb Talk Weekends £25
Premiere TiVo 500GB V HD XL (175) 23 60Mb Talk Weekends Includes 6m Spotify, ESPN/ESPN HD £45
VIP TiVo 1TB TiVo 500GB XL (175) 36 (includes 13 HD channels for Sky Premium) 100Mb (120Mb) Talk Unlimited includes Sky Sports & Movies collection, HD fee for Sky Premiums, 6m Spotify, Talk Plan extras (Mobile/interntaionl), ESPN/ESPN HD £95

The new plans launch in April and takeover from all existing plans. Existing customers can either stick to their current deal or switch to the news plans if desired. An installation fee of £45.95 applies and all prices further include £13.90 per month for Virgin Phone line rental.

Existing customers will also have their broadband speeds doubled completely free of charge with up to 120Mb available to those customers already on 50Mb or 100Mb services.

Are you a Virgin Media customer looking to upgrade or a potential new customer tempted to take the plunge. Let us know your thoughts in the comments.



Martin Daler

March 30, 2012, 8:47 pm

"and all prices further include £13.90 per month for Virgin Phone line rental"
No, the price does NOT *include* ('further' or otherwise) £13.90 for a Virgin Phone line - that £13.90 is a non-optional extra cost which they somehow manage to leave out of the headline price, despite saying that the headline price includes "phone calls". Difficult to know how those phone calls can be made without the phone line, so why is the price hidden in the small print?

If it takes in the likes of TR, that just shows how devious and underhand the tactic is. What chance for Jo/e Average to spot the impending 'bill shock'?

"and all prices attract a further £13.90 per month for Virgin Phone line rental" might be a better way to put it.

If you've got 30M broadband, who would want to pay £13.90 for a landline anyway - VoIP does the job for nowt?


March 31, 2012, 11:05 pm

Martin is correct. Virgin Media have a disgustingly low moral benchmark. Their pricing structure is purposefully complicated in order to confuse and mislead; their staff are under-trained and under great pressure to make sales.

Virgin Media never stop with their "first x months free" offers, which means existing customers are subsidising new customers.

As a customer, once you have joined, after you have been bombarded with all the offers and forgotten which package you are even on, their website won't tell you your package. And if you can bear the agony of calling them, you may or may not make it through the phone call with the info you want.

The high pressure environment in Virgin became clear to me when I was mis-sold a TiVo box. I finally found a bright sounding call handler who told me I could have a Tivo box with no installation fee. It was delivered and installed, and my package went up by the expected £3. I then found £50 had been taken out of my bank account. I complained and was flatly told it would not be refunded, so asked to speak to a supervisor. The supervisor refused too, even though they admitted I was mis sold. Virgin can screw themselves as soon as my contract is over.

Virgin TV is very good: streets ahead of freeview. Their broadband is average. Their phone service is a deliberate rip off. Don't use it to make calls, at all. And their customer service is absolutely terrible. With so many other ways of finding content these days, my recommendation is to keep clear of Virgin.

Martin Daler

April 1, 2012, 2:17 pm

It's actually even worse that I thought. This hidden £13.90 phone line rental, if you try removing the landline from the package the total cost per month actually goes UP, to £41.50 per month.

So, to recap, that is:
£25 + £13.90 line rental = £38.90 for BB, TV and Phone (NOT £25 advertised and repeated here)
£41.50 for BB & TV only (plus a 'one off' £49.95 - yes, an extra installation cost for NOT installing the phone, go figure)

So all pretence that the £13.90 is somehow not part of the package price is a nonsense - it is completely unavoidable and an inherent part of the package cost - the only option is to pay more. It should be included within the headline price.

Maybe time for TR to look beyond simply publishing Virgin Media's press release for them and add some journalistic added value to their reporting?


April 1, 2012, 9:18 pm

Apologies. I did actually have a similarly reaction upon finding the £13.90 line rental snuck away in the small print and almost changed the table to reflect the total cost. However, it is a mostly fair comparison as most internet services/packages don't include line rental, which is always required. As to my phrasing, that was just a poor choice of words. As you point out it should have read something along the lines of ''all tariffs require inclusion of Virgin Phone line rental at an additional cost of £13.90 per month''. I shall correct this.


April 1, 2012, 9:20 pm

Some interesting points raised. I shall pass them onto the company next week and see what they have to say.

Martin Daler

April 2, 2012, 4:41 pm

Ed - I see your point. ADSL providers necessarily assume that you have a BT line and the line rental is paid to BT, not to the BB service provider. Hence they only advertise the price of their own BB/TV service and the phone line rental is nothing to do with them, albeit you have to have one.

So I can see that VM might claim that their (cable) advertised prices would be at a disadvantage if they had to include for the line rental, whereas their (ADSL) competitors don't.

BUT VM don't actually have to included a phone line rental at all, they simply choose to. There is no technical requirement to include a 'phone line' with a cable BB/TV service, there is no actual physical 'phone line' at all. Nothing prevents VM from advertising a BB/TV service sans-phone on a like basis to the ADSL provider's offer. They are not at any tactical disadvantage, except that they choose to manufacture such a disadvantage.

If the phone line is not included in the advertised price then it should be entirely optional. If the phone line is mandatory (at VM's insistance) then it should be included in the advertised price. Instead, VM deliberately choose to force you to take their phone package, and yet not include it in the price. That is deceitful.

Perhaps you could take that point up with them at your meeting? They have a great product, why do they have to present it with such dishonesty?

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