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Virgin Media Launches Android TiVo App [Update]

David Gilbert


Virgin Media TV Guide TiVo

Virgin Media has launched an Android app, which will allow TiVo users in the UK to remotely record programmes and see TV schedules for the next seven days.

The Virgin Media TV Guide app is now available in the Android Market and finally gives TiVo customers the functionality Sky customers have had for some time with the Sky Plus Record app. However, simply finding the app in the Market is a bit of a struggle. The app is titled the Virgin Media TV Guide app, which you wouldn’t instantly recognise as anything to do with TiVo. But it is, and once downloaded, the free app will let you choose which Virgin Media TV package you have and display the list of channels you are subscribed to.

Virgin Media TV Guide TiVo

However it is TiVo users who will find the app most useful. Having signed into your account, you will be able to browse the schedule and, if away from the house, remotely record any show, as long as it is 35 minutes prior to the show starting. You even have the option of recording a series link and cancelling a recording. The interface is decent, although from the small amount of time we’ve had using the app, it is far from speedy. You can chose to customise which channels are displayed each time you use the app – in a similar way to setting you Favourites on the TiVo box itself.

Alex Green, executive director of commercial TV and online at Virgin Media, said: "We think Virgin Media's TiVo Service is the best way to watch TV and our new mobile app enhances that experience by ensuring you'll never miss recording a programme whilst out and about. Our TiVo service already offers the most flexible and comprehensive recording options and features, which this new service complements."

The app is available now from the Android Market and is compatible with devices running Android 2.1 and above. A version of the app for iOS is in the works too.

Update (15/7/2011): Virgin Media has just been in touch to let us know that the iOS app is now available in the Apple App Store so all you iPhone users can now record while on the move.

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