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Virgin Media Offering Customers Cheaper TiVo

David Gilbert


TiVo Box

When we looked at Virgin Media’s new TiVo service recently, one of the major drawbacks was the high price of the intelligent little box and to that end the company has announced a new cheaper version.

The 1TB TiVo box cost £199 for new customers and £149 for existing customers and even at that price, you were only renting the thing from Virgin Media for the lifetime of your contract. Now Virgin Media has announced a 500GB box available only to current customers, which will cost just £49.95. The new box looks and works in exactly the same way as its larger brother and is also available to all subscribers. Previously TiVo was limited to customers taking the XL TV package but the new box will be available to M and L customers as well.

TiVo Screenshot

Along with the £49.95 initial outlay, there will be an installation fee of £40 and then an added £8-per-month charge if you’re a M or L customer and £3-per-month if you’re an XL customer. The extra monthly charge is accounted for by the extra functionality of the TiVo box including more on-demand content, intelligent recording and games and apps – though the final feature is not fully-formed yet. A month into our use of a TiVo box and we’re still no where near filling up the whopping 1TB of storage space so the 500GB model could be a very viable alternative for most people.

Virgin Media says customers can sign up now for the 500GB TiVo box and units should be rolling out some time this summer. Let us know in the comments if you will be signing up for this cheaper and smaller TiVo box or if the intuitive black box still doesn’t do it for you.

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