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Victoria Pendleton launches superfast Memjet printer technology in the UK


Updated with video: Victoria Pendleton launches superfast Memjet printer technology in the UK

Olympic cycling gold medalist, Victoria Pendleton, has helped launch a new superfast inkjet printer technology called Memjet here in the UK.

The new technology is a variation on normal inkjets that squirt tiny droplets of ink onto the page. But instead of a small print head that slides back and forth it has a print head that's the full width of a page (page wide array), enabling much faster print speeds - up to 60 pages a minute or one page per second. This is much faster than conventoinal inkjet printers and akin to laser print speeds. But, unlike laser printing, Memjet is a full colour photo-quality print technology.

See the Lomond Evojet Office 2 Memjet printer in action >

This was amply demonstrated by Victoria Pendleton who was on hand to be photographed with her Olympics 2012 medals. Once the photo was taken Pendleton was able to print out a full photo-qualtity A4 copy of the image and sign it, all in a matter of seconds.

Memjet printout

Memjet isn't just innovating on the technology front but also on its distribution model too. While you can buy a printer featuring the technology, you can also buy a subscription which includes the printer, ink and paper. Prices start from £49 per month and currently stop at £149.

The new technology is coming to market here in the UK in partnership with Lomond with its range of EvoJet printers, the entry level model of which, the Evojet Office 2, you can buy for around £600.

Other advantages of the technology include its low power usage, which for the Evojet Office 2 is just 32W, compared to many more for an office-grade laser printer.

So confident is Memjet of the advantages of its technology that President of Memjet Office, Bill McGlynn, declared that page wide array technology would kill all other forms of printer technology. Meanwhile Kim Beswick, VP Marketing for Memjet added that the install base is expected to be "in the millions in 5 years".


These large posters strewn across the floor were printed in less than ten seconds.

Memjet isn't just limited to small scale printing either. The technology is also being used in large format printers such as those by Océ. Here, multiple Memjet print heads are ranged alongside each other to allow for continuous printing across the full width of large format posters. Whole A0 posters can be printed in a matter of seconds.

Okay, so it's not the iPad mini but this Memjet technology is something that has to be seen to be believed.

Hans Gruber

October 16, 2012, 11:11 pm

Does anyone actually care about the ipad mini, Ed? I know I don't!

As far as printers go, this news is far more exciting and significant than another tablet from Cupertino.

Len Lauer's bullish talk of changing the way we print actually seems laudable. It'd be nice to see this tech transferred to 3D printing and then we're really gonna be in for a treat!


October 17, 2012, 1:25 pm

The big limitation with Memjet is that currently it can only print water based inks, which limits its applications a little bit. For home and office this is obviously fine, but for more advanced applications like 3D printing (i.e. resins or the like) or anything that you want to put outside it becomes a problem.

I saw this running at a trade show a few months ago and the speed is undeniably neat (PWA is an interesting development in printer technology, let alone the underlying MEMS manufacturing method) the resolution is relatively low at the moment. This will obviously change in the future as the technology matures and scales.

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