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Use BBC iPlayer? Soon you'll need a login


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All BBC iPlayer users will need a login to use the streaming service from early 2017, the BBC has announced.

While it's already possible to create a BBC ID online account, having such a login will now become mandatory in order to access iPlayer.

Users will be required to provide their postcode in order to sign up, while those who already have a BBC ID will have to add a postcode to their account from today.

Despite the new postcode rules, the BBC says the online account will not be used to enforce the recent requirement for iPlayer users to have a TV licence.

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TV Licensing will have access to the information, however, but the BBC says the changes are being introduced to help personalise the service for users.

Tony Hall, BBC director general, told BBC News: "By learning about what you want and like we can take you to more of the great programmes you love, stories you might be interested in and content you might otherwise never have discovered.

"This is a real transformation - reinventing public service broadcasting for the digital age."

Having a TV licence in order to use iPlayer has been mandatory since the start of September, whereas it was previously only required in order to watch live TV through the service.

The BBC says there are already seven million people in the UK with a BBC ID, and that 'significant numbers of new people' have signed up for a TV licence since the rule change.

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