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US Defence Department Suffered Serious Security Breach

David Gilbert


Pentagon security breach

A major security breach has been revealed by the US Department of Defence, highlighting how hackers are increasingly attacking more high-profile targets.

The security breach happened way back in March, but the breach was only revealed yesterday evening when the Pentagon released a strategy for military operations in cyberspace. It was disclosed that the Department of Defence in the US suffered one of its worst cyber attacks in March when a foreign intelligence service hacked into the computer system of a corporate contractor obtaining access to 24,000 classified Pentagon files.

Pentagon security breach

The US government refused to identify the military contractor whose system was compromised and would not speculate on which country was behind the attack. Cyber attacks have become front-page news recently in the US and the UK following the hacktivist group LulzSec attacking websites of major companies like Sony and Nintendo. While the LulzSec attacks were an inconvenience for the companies targeted, the group was seen as amateurish by many more serious hackers who are almost completely anonymous and don’t seek publicity.

“Current countermeasures have not stopped this outflow of sensitive information,” William J. Lynn III, the deputy defence secretary said during a speech at the National Defence University. “We need to do more to guard our digital storehouses of design innovation.” The new measures being put in place by the Obama administration call for dynamic defence, where security experts actively seek out potential threats instead of simply waiting for an attack.

Source: New York Times


July 15, 2011, 5:30 pm

This is NOTHING more than a PR story.

Classified simply means it was assigned a restriction classification as to how sensitive it was. Thus it could be anything from staff-in-confidence to President's Eyes Only.

The really serious staff from Secret upwards would not have been got at except by having someone on the inside.

Why PR story? Well, for one to scare (motivate) the moronic Politicians into providing more funding for cyber security!!

David Gilbert

July 15, 2011, 7:01 pm

I agree that the only viable reason for the Pentagon to disclose the breach now, four months after it happened, is to give prove that they need all the money for cyber security. They could easily have kept it under wraps if they wanted.

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