Unbreakable flexible display phones of no concern to case manufacturers

With a number of handset manufacturers known to be working on ‘unbreakable’ flexible display incorporating phones, case manufacturers have told TrustedReviews that they are not concerned by such devices eating into their profits.

A feature that would seemingly make the need for a costly protective case redundant, flexible, unbreakable display hosting handsets are currently in the works through the likes of Samsung and Apple, with LG promising to launch a flexible phone by the end of the year.

Not fazed by this impending dent to profits, however, leading case manufacturer Tech21 has suggested it welcomes the new technology and that there will always be a need for additional protection.

“Flexible displays would be a fantastic attribute to mobile technology, and we are all for advancements,” Jason Roberts, Founder and CEO of Tech21 said.

Looking for a silver lining he added: “If they do find a flexible display solution that is unbreakable, maybe then the casing that surrounds it will be the focus. There is always a need for impact protection and that’s what we do, we move with technology.”

With Samsung one of a number of manufacturers to have previously demonstrated their bendable display prototypes at the likes of CES and IFA, it has been claimed in recent days that the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Note 3 will be the company’s first handset to feature a flexible screen.

According to claimed ‘insider sources’ a flexible display boasting Samsung Galaxy Note 3 is one of a trio of prototype designs currently being assessed for the handsets. The other two include an all new design and an adaptation of the Samsung Galaxy S4 form factor.

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