Ultra-thin Bedphones Will Help You Sleep

Falling asleep with your bulky headphones on or even your sleek

in-ear headphones is never the most comfortable experience, especially if you

wake up to find your headphones poking into the side of your head.

Now one engineer from outside New York has come up with a

solution to the problem, and cleverly called it Bedphones. The stand out

feature of Bedphones is their ridiculous thinness. At just over 6mm, these

headphones should ensure you fall off to sleep without even noticing you are

wearing headphones.


Bedphones come with an adjustable “memory wire” which you have

to adjust to fit your ear before wearing them. The attached cable will work

with any device with a standard 3.5mm headphone jack.

Costing $29.99, Bedphones are currently available with

international delivery, although delivery to the UK is not available. Included

with your pack is a travel case and a satin eye mask to ensure you to drift off as comfortably as possible.


There is even an Android app available from which you can control your music and it will even

automatically switch off the music when you fall asleep.

Source: Bedphones