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Ultra HD Blu-ray is about to get official, 4K discs imminent


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Blu-ray players have been around for about nine years, so it’s about time they received an upgrade.

Fortunately, the Blu-ray Disc Association has confirmed that it’s going to start licensing Ultra HD Blu-ray very soon.

As of 24 August, hardware and content manufacturers will be able to peddle their wares as Ultra HD Blu-ray compatible, as revealed by The Digital Bits.

That date is only a little before the IFA Berlin technology trade show, so we expect there will be some Ultra HD players on display at the event.

It’s worth noting that the upgrade isn’t only about 4K footage – we’re also expecting support for high dynamic range and high frame-rate content

Ultra HD Blu-ray has the ability to cope with an impressive 60 frames per second – that’s plenty for Hollywood flicks.

The best bit about all of this is that content producers are far more likely to churn out 4K goodies now that they can flog it in disc format.

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Of course, Ultra HD Blu-ray will still have to compete with its digital-only rivals such as Netflix, which is already offering 4K content.

However, the existence of discs is sure to be a boon for the industry, and will likely push up 4K TV sales this holiday season.

Are you hyped for the 4K revolution, or is Full HD plenty? Let us know in the comments below.

Kulti Vator

August 6, 2015, 4:59 pm

This is good news in most ways - UHD content is needed to feed the demand in UHD TVs. However, most UK retail outlets still stock more DVDs than (standard HD) Blurays - do they really have the capacity to take on a third movie format?

Also, are the public at large ready to change format again, or leap-frog from DVD to UHD in one fell swoop?

Will the 3D glasses many folks were conned into buying ever be useful again, now that the TV industry has largely abandoned promoting 3D and wants to focus on UHD instead?

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