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Ultimate Ears’ PartyUp feature will pair 50 Bluetooth speakers at once


UE Boom 2

The new Google Home might be the fanciest, smartest speaker on the block, but can you connect 50 of them at the same time to create a veritable wall of noise?

Well Ultimate Ears brand has just announced a firmware update for for its Boom, Boom 2 and Megaboom Bluetooth speakers, which'll do just that.

Thanks to the new PartyUp OTA update, more than 50 of the manufacturer’s speakers to be paired to a single source.

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Provided all of the speakers are running the firmware and are within range the UE App can be used to drag and drop nearby speakers to enable the pairing.

The music will then be played in sync with all of the others in attendance.

UE’s video shows them being deployed at some horrendous-looking underground rave, but perhaps you can think of a better use?

Will enough people you know ever own enough Ultimate Ears speakers to make this a possibility? Share your comments below.

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October 4, 2016, 9:04 pm

I've long wondered why no-one has done multi-room audio driven simply by pairing multiple Bluetooth speakers. Driver stack doesn't support it? Can't solve the sync issues?


October 5, 2016, 2:13 pm

BT only works for about 30 feet and sounds horrible


October 5, 2016, 2:23 pm

Yeah the range could be an issue, it's improved over the years but wifi would still be a better bet unless the speakers acted as BT repeaters with decent aerials.

BT certainly doesn't sound awful. Apt-X over BT sounds great and these days even normal BT sounds pretty good (admittedly in the early days it was pretty dire).

Audiophile level? No, but not much is and who among us can honestly tell the difference?

On the wifi side I keep expecting Chromecast Audio to do something in the multi-room space but from memory I don't think it has so far.

Not a big deal for me though; I have a very nice-sounding BT speaker that's easy to carry from room to room. It's not a patch on my hifi but for its size it's brilliant (iLoud).

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