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UberCommute carpooling service launched in China



Virtual cab-hailing service Uber has launched an intriguing new pilot scheme in China.

UberCommute allows ordinary people setting off on a long drive to pick up passengers along the way and thus split the costs of the trip. It's carpooling, in other words, but with added convenience.

All drivers need to do is sign into the app and tell Uber where they are going. Uber will then show the driver any requests from passengers heading in the same direction, along with the payment they'll receive for the journey. It's up to the driver whether they choose to accept any of these requests or not.

From the the other end, it's very much Uber as usual - it's just that the passenger's ride will be a regular Joe rather than a proper cab driver.

This is the first time Uber has launched a global product outside of the US. The company says that it has chosen Chengdu in China for this latest pilot scheme "because of the tremendous appetite amongst Chinese drivers and riders for creative new ways to get from A to B, affordably and reliably."

Uber hopes to bring its congestion-busting new service to other cities in future, but there don't appear to be any solid plans.

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As the company points out, Uber itself contributes to the congestion and wastefulness inherent in the daily commute. "In many cities, such as San Francisco, New York, Chengdu or Paris, so many people now use Uber that there are a ton of duplicate rides," it explains.

Smoosh those rides together, and what do you get? UberCommute, Uber hopes.

If you need a handset to order your Uber on, check out our smartphones group test video below:


September 23, 2015, 12:53 pm

Uber is a great hi tech company for the consumer (passengers that want a ride to somewhere). Just launched in Vegas with a few issues, that will be resolverd. Uber fully makes their customers aware of the pricing, therefore not an issue. Customers have a choice in Vegas, they can pay $1000 per night for a room or $69 bucks for a room, its called you have a choice. Many Veterans and retired Vegas taxpayers are just trying to make ends meet by providing a well needed high tech service that is fast and very efficient for the customer. . Uber is a good service, at the right time and place in Vegas, They are in 58 countries and over 300 cities. It is a multi billion dollar company, providing a service that the consumer wants.. McCarran International Airport is doing a disservice by issueing tickets to Uber drivers and not allowing the people that pay their airline taxes and fees come to Vegas, spend thousands in hotels, gambling and restaurants and retail shops. We should welcome them and not insult them by having them left off in middle lanes of McCarran, a safety hazard to say the least plus an inconvenience. McCarran with no advanced warning issued many retired Veternans who are just trying to earn a living, a ticket for $100.00 for letting out the guests in front of the airline ticket curbs. How sad that McCarran does not believe in the tourist industry for Las Vegas. All the passengers have spent, literally thousands in our local community along with paying the fees and taxes that McCarran and airlines tack on. At the very least any Uber driver dropping off passengers at the curb of an airline carrier, should have been given a warning for a first offense. The Las Vegas review journal specifically stated in an interview by Rosemary Vassiliadis, director of the airport stated "Uber drivers will be allowed to be dropped off at the airport departure curbs at both terminal 1 and 3". Perhaps a class action lawsuit should be started by all Uber drivers for discrimination against them and their passengers, for the airport disrespect for them and the Las Vegas visitors.

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