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Twitter Moments rolls out, bringing quick access to best content


Twitter moments

Twitter has rolled out its new Moments feature to users in the United States, promising to offer "the best of Twitter in an instant", alongside an easy way to follow emerging news stories.

The new feature, which was originally outed as Project Lightning earlier this summer, arrives in the shape of a new tab on iOS, Android and the web.

Tapping the lightning bolt will now deliver a list of stories that are unfolding on Twitter, such as conversations between world leaders, memes, celebrity gossip, sporting events and citizen reporting on major happenings.

Users choosing to "engage" with a moment will see a title and description, while sliding right will show full-screen images, autoplaying videos, Vines and GIFs served up in the form of optimised tweets.

App users will then be able to interact with each specific tweet, allowing them to reply, favourite or retweet from the Moments interface.

It’s also possible to begin following these Moments, with users able to blend them into their normal timeline for the duration of the event.

In a blog post the company wrote: “For stories that update very frequently – such as live sporting events or awards shows, where it’s critical to know what’s happening minute by minute – you’ll see an option to follow the Moment, which blends the Tweets directly into your timeline. So you can keep track of the latest updates in real-time without having to tap back and forth between tabs. When that story ends, so do the Tweets, leaving your timeline just as it was before.”

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Twitter also has partnerships with the likes of Bleacher Report, BuzzFeed, Fox News and NASA, with a curation team working to blend those sources into Moments.

The firm will be adding more partners in due course, while also extending availability beyond the US in the weeks and months to come.

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