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Twitter crisis deepens as two million users fly away



For the longest time, Twitter’s biggest problem was the inability to add new users fast enough. Then it stopped adding them at all and now the firm has announced it is losing users for the first time.

The crisis-hit social network’s active user base fell from 307 million to 305 million during the last three months.

Those figures exclude the SMS Fast Followers, who use an SMS-based version of Twitter, which brings the active numbers up for 320 million.

“We’ve already seen January monthly actives return to Q3 levels and we’re confident that disciplined execution we’re confident this growth trend will continue over time,” the company said in its Shareholder Letter.

There’s better news for Twitter in terms of the company’s financial standing. Revenue for the quarter was $710 million, an increase of 90 per cent year on year, boosted by an increase in active advertisers.

However, the company still lost $90 million during the quarter, albeit 27 per cent less than this time last year.

Twitter, which has upset plenty of users in the last few days with its new algorithmic timeline tests, hopes fixing a few of the finicky features will stop ‘driving people away.’

Within the shareholder letter, the company added: ”We are going to fix the broken windows and confusing parts, like the .@name syntax and @reply rules, that we know inhibit usage and drive people away."

That’ll mean users will no longer have to put a full stop in front of replies in order for them to seen by a wider audience. Is this enough to keep you on board?

Dead Words

February 10, 2016, 10:48 pm

The only reason I have a Twitter at all is to have another way to keep track of news. I might check it once every couple of days.

Darmok N. Jalad

February 10, 2016, 11:34 pm

As someone who has never used the service, I often wonder how we survive in our current culture of information overload. So much opinion and information is being thrown out there to wade through, and I don't know if that has resulted in society's seemingly overly-sensitive mindset. It seems no one wants to deeply explore a topic anymore, and instead shallow conclusions abound.


February 11, 2016, 12:41 pm

If Twitter stopped automatic re-posting of tweets on Facebook, they would have more users, because people would have to go to Twitter to read and reply to their friends' tweets. Simples.

Also, it would avoid annoying the **** out of Facebook users who don't want to see all their friends' tweets...


February 13, 2016, 8:04 am

Hardly a surprise, last couple of changes have been for the absolute worst, I don't want to click search and see what's trending, if I click search it's because I want to search for something specific for me. When I expand someone's tweet I don't want to see some crappy promoted tweet that holds zero interest for me (even when you tick the option to have them based on your interests they're never interesting).

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