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TrustedReviews' Christmas Wishlist 2011 - Andrew

Nokia Lumia 800

Nokia’s phones have been derided for years now. Seen as behind the times in core respects, each successive flagship phone was like a page of the once market leader’s P45 being printed out.

Nokia Lumia 800

However, the Lumia 800 is different. Not only is it perhaps the most beautiful phone Nokia has ever made, it also represents a humbler approach for the phone-maker. It’s the creation of a partnership between Nokia and Microsoft, not something Nokia has been able to dominate entirely. I'm not convinced it’ll turn Nokia’s fortunes around, but I want one.

Why? Unlike the best Android phones, it’s not ridiculously huge. 3.7in is enough for my pocket. I also really like the Microsoft Windows Phone OS. It’s the most un-Microsoft thing the company has made in years – in that it’s actually stylish and tasteful, rather than having the air of an Excel spreadsheet.

And, boy, is it slick. It arguably offers even less customisation than the iPhone iOS, but is the first popular alternative that’s not as bug-ridden as a rubbish tip. Then there’s that look. The Lumia looks and feels fantastic - somehow it has made plastic feel higher-end than brushed metal. Nokia may not be back on top, but it’s not out of the game yet.

Grado PS1000

If I was to describe a pair of headphones as being fit for a king, these would be they. Made largely out of metal, they’re rather crown-like, with the weight to match. You won’t forget that these bad boys are on your bonce.


These open-backed headphones aren’t ones to don while you’re out about town, though – not only will everyone around you be able to hear you listen to Xmas Classix 2004, you’ll look ridiculous too. The design is enjoyably retro, but will not win you respect among the Beats-loving masses.

Find yourself a quiet room, a decent music source and a nice glass of wine to enjoy them with, though, and the PS1000 headphones will send you to heaven. They’re one of the few pairs of high-end headphones that provide immense scale and vivacious bass without trading-off detail and fidelity.

It’s like finding the perfect partner – supremely intelligent and yet bags of fun at the same time. Sadly, this is one high-maintenance other half, costing the best part of two grand. The foam cups will need replacing after a few years too, and cost another sixty quid. They may not be wholly easy to live with, but you can’t help who you fall in love with, eh?

500GB iPod touch

The (still ongoing) death of the hard drive MP3 player may have allowed popular players to get thinner and thinner, but it hasn’t been a wholly good thing for hardcore music fans. Quite simply, the 64GB of storage solid state players tend to max out at isn’t enough. That’s why I’ll never say goodbye to the trusty old iPod Classic.

iPod touch 500GB

Unless old Tim Cook supplies me with an iPod touch packed with an immense amount of memory, that is. Say 500GB or so. Not too much to ask, is it? Chunking-out the luverly iPod touch design with a 2.5in hard drive would make Steve Jobs breakdance in his grave, but storage miniaturisation could soon make jamming such a level of memory into an 8mm-thick frame possible.

Just imagine it – being able to fit thousands of lossless albums, dozens of movies and handfuls of 1GB iOS games into the same device. Who needs cloud storage when you have the whole lot on your trusty iPod touch XL MAXX (yes, the name needs some work.) We can say with confidence that this dream device will never, ever appear – not in this form at least – but, hey, we can but dream.


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