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Triggertrap Trips Your Camera With Anything

David Gilbert



A new gadget which will allow you to trigger you camera with anything from a laser to a clapping sound will go into production thanks to the power of crowd-funding.

Last month, Haje Kamps set out to raise $25,000 to help get Triggertrap off the ground. Instead of looking to venture capital or privately funding the project, Kamps turned to Kickstarter, a website where anyone can pledge support for a project and invest in ideas they believe in. With just six days to go before funding closes, Triggertrap has already garnered over $60,000 in funding and the group of investors are now aiming to hit the $100,000 mark.

The idea of Triggertrap is pretty simple. By hooking it up to your camera, it will allow you to remotely trigger the shutter button by using a variety of inputs. Ready to go, out of the box will be the ability to trigger your camera by breaking a laser beam, or by simply clapping your hands. Where things get interesting though is the inclusion of an auxiliary port, which can be connected to pretty much anything, meaning only your imagination limits you.


This will mean that the camera can be triggered by your mobile phone, remote control, a pressure sensitive mat or even over the internet. The device will also allow you to take time-lapse pictures or automatically take images of anyone who passes by the camera. And because the Triggertrap is open-source and built on the Arduino platform, it is easy to implement additional functionality through a software update, even after the Triggertraps have shipped to the customers. The inclusion of a USB port means eager hackers will be able to re-programme the Triggertrap to their hearts’ content.

There will be two versions of the Triggertrap, one a professional-looking end-user device in a 'stylish' water-resistant case and the second a home-brew version you can build yourself.


So far, 711 Triggertrap units have been pre-ordered though Kickstarter at a cost of $75 plus $5 post and packaging. Once funding is complete this price will rise to $125 per unit. If you feel like funding this idea and getting in before the price rises click on the source link before next Sunday, 31 July.

Source: Kickstarter

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