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Toshiba SD Card Resembles CD But Not In A Good Way

David Gilbert


Toshiba SD Card Resembles CD But Not In A Good Way

Remember how frustrating it was when you burned a CD only to find you saved the wrong file and the disc was now completely useless. Dozens of the shiny discs would clog up your desk never to be used again – well now it seems as if SD cards could become just as frustrating.

In much the same fashion as non-rewriteable CDs could only be used once, Toshiba’s new Write Once 1GB SD card offers the not-very-practical feature of being only able to save data once, and never again. The idea behind this card is that the data will be tamper proof and will never be able to be written over by malicious data thieves. Of course not too many people store very sensitive data on SD cards anyway so whether or not this ‘innovation’ will appeal to many people is debatable.

Toshiba claims the cards are needed by people who, for example, take pictures which will be needed for legal actions, so lawyers and policemen it seems will be first in line to snap up these cards. Other than this reason though, we are struggling to find a reason for the card but we’re sure Toshiba will have identified many potential customers for its locked down system. We can only hope that other portable storage media don’t go the same way and that promotional USB thumb drives in the future won’t be locked down to the pointless promotional drivel they are pre-loaded with.

The cards are available now in Japan and police forces and lawyers around the world will be keeping their eyes peeled for availability in other parts of the globe.

Source: CrunchGear

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