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TomTom Adds TfL Data For Capital Traffic Goodness

David Gilbert


TomTom HD Traffic Tfl

TomTom has announced a tie in with Transport for London (TfL) to make commuters life in the English capital that much easier.

TomTom will use data collected by TfL (and provided for free which is nice) to supplement its HD Traffic service to help drivers navigate their way through the treacherous streets of London.

TfL, which directly manages the 360-mile red route network in London, while also monitoring the rest of the capital’s roads, collects data from monitoring equipment built into the road surface and CCTV coverage. This is backed up by information fed into its control centre by London’s 7,500 buses, event organisers and road works contractors.

TomTom HD Traffic TfL

The updated HD Traffic service, which is available on the TomTom Go Live and Via Live sat nav devices, will show the position of incidents such as road works and accidents, where traffic is likely to be disrupted and will report the severity of the delays. In addition, the feed gives access to pre-planned disruptions, such as temporary road closures for maintenance and public events.

In addition, this information will be cross-referenced with speed data tracked from connected TomTom devices and Vodafone mobile phone handsets - helping motorists to plan their journeys ahead to avoid congestion.

If you want to have a look at what the HD Traffic service offers you can see for yourself here.

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